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Book Talk

Its about the Adventures of Nate Banks: Secrete Identity Crisis

Ying Mun Chin

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Book Talk

The Adventure of Nate Banks:
Secret Identity Crisis By: Jake Bell The End By: Ying Mun This book is called Secrete Identity
Crisis from the Amazing Adventures of
Nate Banks Series by Jake Bell. This
the first volume of the series
This book is about a six grade boy named Nate, who is a comic book expert. His goal is to uncover Kanigher Falls' superheroin known as Ultravoilet. But every time he failed to do so. But all of the clues seem to lead to his least likely suspect: his social studies teacher Ms. Matthews. The story starts off as a flash back about the times Nate had in sixth grade. It all started in Kanigher Falls
during one sunday moring when there was a bank robery. After only approximately 8 seconds, the robers were tied infront of the police station and the all of the injured bankers were sent to the hospital. People on the streets and on the surveillance camera only saw a flash of a purple and white blur flying past them. The Characters: Nate: the main character Denise: little sister Mom & Dad: parents Teddy: best friend Fiona: classmate Mr. Content: science teacher Ms. Matthews: social studies teacher Ultraviolet: mystery superheroine Next Series . . . Introduction: Further Explanation: The Setting: Rising Action: Nate always failed to get all of his homework on time so Mr. Content, the science teacher gives him a project on identifying everything there is to know about UIltraviolet. But after Nate gathers all of his information, and presents it to him. he finally pulls out his green machine, also known as the green super suit. There no idea to what the science teacher wants to do with the machine and the information about ultraviolet. The Adventure Of Nate Banks:
Freezer Burned Unique Features 1. It has a 8 page full of coloured comic strips about how a a normal everyday person became a superhero 2. Has parts of the story in the next up comming series 3. It also has a short biograhy about th e author of the book Opinions I enjoyed this book because it has lots of suspense during the climax. If I were to change the book, I would change the boring words used by the author into intersting words with a similar meaning. I rated this book a 9/10 because it was very realistic and part of the story is strange. I would recomend this book to people who enjoy books about solving mysteries.
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