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Rabbia Khan

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of lds

Literary and Debating Society
20th Anniversary
Humayun Haroon
LDS has augmented my stay at GIKI for the better by leaps and bounds. I shall always cherish the time spent and memories made with my friends at LDS.
Liaison Head and Debating Captain Batch 18
Coordinator Batch 17
Usama Naseem
Liaison Head Batch 15
"For me, LDS was something sane to hold on to in an otherwise whirlwind ride through GIK. It made for an amazing time, filled with opportunities and memories that'll last a lifetime."
Arsalan Burney
Liaison Head and Debating Captain Batch 19
Faizan Ahmad
"Liaison Head Batch 19 LDS has been the sole catalyst in my self actualization throughout 4 years of GIKI. A place where i found friends, family and memories that I'll cherish for the rest of my life."
Media Head Batch 19
Jehanzeb Jehangiri
"LDS became my only affiliation outside my home which defined me; and it defined me right. I am proud of and in love with people who are a part of it. It was home, sanctuary and a hell of a joyride... Plus Rabbia Najam is still my favorite."
LDS has augmented my stay at GIKI for the better by leaps and bounds. I shall always cherish the time spent and memories made with my friends at LDS.
Batch 20
Over the years...
ALL Pakistan GIK Parliamentary Debates
Khalid Bajwa
Liaison Head Batch 15
Shifaat Faheem
"LDS allowed me to make some wonderful lifelong friends. Being part of an amazing group of people and achieving great things with them proved to be extremely rewarding. I can confidently say that joining LDS was definitely one of the best decisions that I made during my time at GIKI".
Raheel Adnan Janjua
Coordinator Batch 13
"LDS had a huge impact on my career as it was the Organization where I learnt all about people management, meeting targets and dealing with stressful situations. Since I was also a debater is polished my presentation and communication skills, which a key role in professional success"
Tughral Turab Ali
Coordinator Batch 3
Waqar uddin
Printshop Head Batch 17
Ali Akbar
Ali Jamal
Batch 21
The Literary and Debating Society (LDS) is the oldest student society of GIK, with an enviable name and rich tradition in the south Asian Literary circuit.

The LDS is one of the most prestigious student organizations of GIK, and it was formed soon after the inception of the institute. Since then it has grown significantly in terms of prestige and repute, and currently, it is the only society in GIK to have hosted and participated in international events.
Its main objective is to cater to the wide literary and debating taste of the populous at GIK. Its pool of events include Parliamentary (extempore) debating competitions, Open discussion forums (Showdown), literary evenings (Elocution), poetry recitals, literary publications, mushaira and more.

The society has successfully hosted 15 national and 4 international events to date, with active participation of the most prestigious institutes from all over the country as well as the rest of South Asia. Thus, LDS holds the honor of organizing the most number of international events at GIKI.
Ramsha Khan
A family away from home, LDS has truly been the most inspiring and motivating group of people that I have ever been a part of. Juniors that will be respectful, peers that are friends forever and seniors that will always be the best mentors are some of the unbreakable ties that you will make at LDS.
Batch 18
"In the midst of all the fun at lds, we unknowingly became masters at managing teams effectively, handling pressure scenarios, adopting to budget constraints, and what not - today we do these at work daily. But most of all for me, LDS made me realize the true value of friendships. And from there on, debating became an added plus rather than the reason for my love of the society."
Printshop Head Batch 15
"LDS was the integral part of life at GIKI. The environment that the society provided still resonates in my personality and years later still helps me stand out professionally. LDS provided me the unforgettable times, memorable external tours and insane fun (yes, we get crazy from time to time). Somewhere in 2006, a freshman was exposed to Psudo Intellectual people, only to realize they are mostly restarted. Best times."
Sybtain Badami
Coordinator Batch 10
"LDS defined my stay at GIKI. Whether it was organizing All Paks at home (yes, we weren't truly international then!) or representing GIKI at externals (still remember the incredible experiences of lifting GCU and UET trophies for the first time!), I cherish every moment I spent with this family away from home (...and now I miss the good old days!)"
B 17
B 11
B 13
B 15
B 19
B 17
"LDS gave me opportunities that I would not have gotten otherwise. Of the four years I spent in GIK, my fondest memories are the ones I made with friends in LDS. Even now, the friends I am in touch with are the ones I worked and had fun with in LDS. For me, GIK was LDS.."
Batch 22

Ali Arshad
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