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Parent Workshop Senior Class 2018 - Steps for Application season

No description

Hector Leon

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Parent Workshop Senior Class 2018 - Steps for Application season

Indus International School, Bangalore
Senior Parent Workshop

Fall 2017

Mr. Hector Leon,
Director College Placements
Mr. Vinil
Mrs. Uma
Mr. Sourabh
College Application Process...
Senior Workshop...Set, go!
Brag Sheet
Teacher Recommendations procedure reviewed
ACT/SAT Test Plan
including: IELTS/TOEFL
Common Apps
UCAS or other
College List Spreadsheet
Are you on the right track?
Keep track of your points as you answer the following questions
Did you meet with your
point of contact
last spring to talk about post secondary options?
A. Yes, we made a game plan for the summer and the fall. (4 points)

B. Yes, but I don't remember what we talked about. (2 points)

C. Who is my
point of contact
(0 points)
A. Yes and I have a better perspective on the kinds of schools that I will be applying to (4 points)

B. No, because of travel restrictions or other summer plans. But I did a lot of research on colleges(2 points)

C. No, but my skills at Candy Crush are solid (0 points)
A. Good, I've completed rough drafts and am now getting some feedback. (4 points)

B. Good, still working on a rough draft or have a good idea of what I'm going to write about. (2 points)

C. Really, we have to write an essay? I thought you were kidding about that. (0 points)
A. Yes! (4 points)

B. Close to completion just need to add a couple of things. (2 points)

C. Where is the brag sheet located again? (0 points)
1. Yes, the list of school that I'm applying to is nearly complete and is between three and ten. (4 points)

2. Yes (sort of), is a list of twenty schools too many? (2 points)

3. Not really, but we've narrowed it down to the East Coast of Earth! (-1 point)
A. Yes, we have worked together and feel confident in all the schools I'm applying to. (4 points)

B. Mostly, we have reached a compromise on all of my schools. (2 points)

C. My parents have notified me of my list of colleges...by email.
(-10 points)
“No matter what the nationality or gender of the student, no matter what the location of the university, no matter what the student wants to study, college is a match to be made, not a trophy to be won.”
The Process

- highly selective
Target (50-50)
- half or more of the students with a similar profile are admitted
Likely (safety)
- most students with a similar profile are admitted
Finalize List - College List -
UCAS- October Common App. Dec.

Application numbers will vary from student to student. (eg. some students only want UK!)
The average for former INDUS seniors is 6-8 apps. (up to 10). "I do not recommend more than 12!"
Important to have a balanced list.
Finding the Best Fit
Grades and Courses
Standardized Test Scores
Are You Interesting?
Personal Essays
Extra Curricular Activities
Teacher/Counselor Recommendations
College Needs
Are College Requirements Met?
It's "The Time of the Season"
Friday, September 1st : INDUSEAGLES2018 (buzzword)
Deadline: October 15th (Specialized Programs)
Financial Information
Standardized Test Scores
October 2017
In the meantime...
Follow up with universities to ensure they have received all materials. CHECK YOUR EMAIL and
University Portals!!

Senior year is a full year…
is not a disease, but if you catch it, you may have your college offer revoked during the summer!

"Midyear" reports are sent in January ( DO NOT confuse these with "second predicted" as well as second semester classes to be taken in the spring)
INDUS counselors
Next Steps
College Reps on Campus
Senior Meeting
will the
process look
like from now
until January
1st 2018?
Perfect Admissions?
The Guiding Principal
Why is your brag sheet important?
Schedule your Senior Meetings!!!
Goals for Today
Learn where to find applications
Plan required testing
Best Fit
Learn about Supporting Docs
Focus on your Bottom Line
Did you visit colleges and speak with admissions counselors over the summer?
Have you completed your
brag sheet
How far along are you with your college essay/personal statement?
Have you narrowed down your list of schools?
Are you on the "same page" with your parents regarding schools and financing?
Finalize List
Three classifications:
Number of Applications
Understanding Requirements
Early Decision
(Binding - Early Notification)
e.g. Oxford vs. Cambridge October 1st. (Office needs to know by September 1st!!!!)
Early Action
(Non-Binding - Early Notification)
e.g November 1st in USA
- via Common Application Dec. 31st/Jan. 1st ( results start coming on April 1st) YES!!!!!!!!!
Standardized Tests -
SAT/SAT -Subject Tests/ACT/TOEFL
Supporting Documents
Personal Essays/Supplemental Essays
Teacher Recommendations
Transcripts, -- don't panic!!!
Recommendation Letter(s),
School Profile
School Report
Electronic vs. Courier (980 rupees)
What INDUS sends
What the Student sends?
Student then requests school to send supporting documents
9th and 10th, 11th final and "
", LoR's and "other"
Financing College
Decision Time

Class 2018 College 101 Presentation
28 to 22 points
= You're on the right track!

22 to 18
= You're getting there

0- 18
= Lot's of work to be done

Got a Negative Number? Speak with your Counselor fast!
College Placement Guiding Principle
US universities 70 - 80%
Canadian universities 7% to 10%
European universities 1% to 3%
United Kingdom universities 10% to 13%
Middle Eastern/Southern Hemisphere/Asia universities less than 1%
Other (gap year, foundation year, applying now, or other) less than 2%
"No matter what the nationality or gender of the student, no matter what the location of the university, no matter what the student wants to study, college is a match to be made, not a trophy to be won"
A couple of principles to think about!
Essay Writing Workshop
Register for Tests
(October or
December **, 2017)
Brag Sheet
Teacher Recommendations
This part is easy!!!! ;-)
Update Naviance,
Update Naviance!!!
Did I say : "Update Naviance?!!!"
Check Transcript(s)
Schedule Appointments with
Counselor ASAP
Have you signed up for all required tests - SAT/ACT/TEOFL...?
A. I have registered and paid for all test. (4pts)

B. I know what test(s) and will register this week (2pts)

C. I'm on Standby for Sept./Oct. Testing (0-pts)

D. I passed my last math test, does that count? (-2pts)
Indus Bangalore Graduates - Historically Attend...
Final Thoughts...and Questions
University Application Agreements
from April to May 1st
Class of 2018
Consultant Policy!!!
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