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The Wave

No description

Isa Mohammad

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of The Wave

Falling Action
Dave instantly apologizes to Laurie, and realizes what the Wave has done to him.
The school newspaper made an article about what the Wave was.
It explained what happened to the students when they got beaten up.
Todd Strasser
The first showing of how the Wave was becoming an exclusive group was when Laurie tried to sit by her friends at football.
Mr. Ross was starting to see how the Wave was affecting the students.
Dave, Laurie's boyfriend was waiting in the car on the street for Laurie to come back.
Dave jumped and grabbed her and asked her to stop fighting about the Wave.
The Wave is a Book about a high school in California, the name of the school is Gordon high school. The beginning of the Wave started in Mr. Ben's history classroom.
Rising Action
The students at first just think the game is silly, but something new happened when Mr. Ross started giving directions and rules.
Mr. Ross' class started recruiting other students to come join the Wave from other classes.
The students began taking the Wave very seriously.
Not all the students in the school joined the Wave.
The Wave
In a high school classroom in California, 1969.
Mr.Ross tells the group he will show him their leader. Mr. Ross put up a picture of Hitler. Now the students realized that it had all gone too far and decided to end the Wave.
Inciting Incident
Laurie Saunders
Ben Ross
Christy Ross
David Collins
Amy Smith
Conflict of the Wave
Ben Ross showed a movie about the Holocaust. The students get upset about the graphic movie. He does an experiment of the Nazi on the students.
Isa Mohammed
Connecting to the world
This story connects to the history of Hitler, how he treated his people and armies by giving them a symbol on their arm to wear all the time.
It also connects to a show I saw a group of students in a classroom taking a test, if the student fails he will be taken to a room and never be seen again. If you pass you are safe for the rest of the day.
The Theme
Don't put yourself in a situation which you can't control or handle.
Is loyalty the best policy for the students and the teacher?
In my novel, loyalty is the best policy because the students respect the teacher's direction and it helps them to understand the history of Nazi people how they attack Germans without them knowing who attacked them.
The teacher does not listern to what the students want to say about the group or how it is going to affect the students. An example from my novel is where Laurie was telling Ms. Ross about the wave on how it is going to get worse if they continue to be in the group.
Should loyalty change or not change over time?
Based on my novel, loyalty should change over time because, the group was only meant for Mr. Ross' class, not other classes and students from other classes skipped their classes just to come join the wave and Mr. Ross doesn't know that he was controlling the students in the school to come join the wave. Christy was Mr. Ross' wife and also a teacher in the same school, and she was mad at him because her students skipped her class to join the wave in his classroom.
Mr. Ross wanted to do an experiment about poitical fanatism and he started a group called the Wave. It gave an example of how people can be bad persons if they are controlled by dictator.
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