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The Amazing Life Of Me

The perks of being Fatima Trad

Fatima Trad

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The Amazing Life Of Me

The Perks Of Being Fatima Trad
My Hobbies
What Al Noori Has Done For Me
The Info You Probably Already Know
Right, so my name is Fatima Trad. I am a proud muslimah.
Back to business. I'm 15 years old and i go to Al Noori. Also Mr Saboune is my awesome IST teacher. I love sports and food, If there wasn't any i would not live. I'm big on art, basically anything got to do with paints, watercolors and drawing. I love the colors aqua blue and dark green. My favorite subjects are Art, Sports, English, Science and in some form Maths...Don't ask why. One of the many things i like to do in my free time include watching and reading anime and manga, and i love drawing them too. If books didnt exist i would not live. i am Lebanese and i was born and lived most of my life in Australia
Things You Probably Don't Know About Me
I was born on the 27th of September 2000,
I live in a family of seven including my parents, i have three sisters and one brother. They are all blobs...sorry Hiba :)
I have gone to Al Noori since kindergarten and i plan on completing my full twelve years here
In Sha Allah.

These are my personal favorites
The past three years of High School in Al Noori has changed me in many ways. I believe i have become a stronger intellectual and independent person. My time in this High school has taught me to be more responsible and it has opened my eyes to things i never knew or suspected. This School has benefited me by giving me qualities that i would need for future scenarios. It has also helped me academically and i have understood many new concepts. I have also been blessed with such awesome friends. I believe we are more than friends, were sisters so that was a major benefit to. Also in the sense where i can say that as a school we are unified by our religion, that has really helped in the religious sense and through our islamic/Qur'an classes and Friday talks, it has improved my way of life. So thank you Al noori!!!

One of my greatest accomplishments in Al Noori for me would be when Hadjer and i stood up in front of the entire school to present a science experiment. This was my first time speaking in front of such a large audience and so i was frightened. Somehow i managed to only make a couple of mistakes that were not that big so i was pretty proud of my self. I believe it was a success because first i didn't break any equipments on stage :) and second because i made myslef go do something i was frightened of without making a fool of myself so yay!!!
My Accomplishment in Al Noori
Finally i would like to say a big thank you to everyone for listening. A particular thank you to Mr Saboune for being such an amazing IST teacher, i cant believe it but you have made this subject really enjoyable. Also a thank you to Bianca, Layla, Malaz, Lara, Maysam, Ansam, Zineb, Mafrooha, Hiba and Hadjer, because they have been the greatest sisters anyone could ask for.

I think that pretty much sums up everything about me. THANK YOU!!!
To Also Mention My Friends Because Their Seriously Amazing!!!
Any form of sports that doesn't include football (mostly soccer, ice skating and swimming)
Reading (books makes my life)
Hanging out with friends
Call me weird but i enjoy learning as well
Eating food
Eating(because i eat my sisters)/hanging out with my family
You might have noticed but i love to travel
Again call me crazy but i love motorcycles and quad bikes
Listening to Qur'an
Interesting/weird Things About me
I speak japanese
I love rainy weather
I'm friends with Hiba and she influences me to sleep talk sometimes
Sometimes I'm horrible at something but i enjoy doing it anyway...like maths
I hate messaging in general. I don't know why
I cry when i read sad endings in books
I did not enjoy "The Fault In Our Stars" (please don't kill me)
I love looking at the stars
I'm also in love with heights.
Where I Would Like To See Myself In Five Years Time
I think in five years time i would like to see myself as a student in a good university. I personally haven't given it much thought but i would like to specialize in medicine if not, then i would enjoy getting into the creative industry. in a spiritual sense would want to be a good practicing muslimah, being content with life and happy.
All images and photographs are certified ownership of google and my own photography.
This audio is a credited nasheed
Still working on this one
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