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Dear LTO

Teaching About Diversity and Equity in Education

Robert Brandstetter

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Dear LTO

How to be an Effective
Teacher Ally Current Themes in Education Globalization:The world is at your school's door. Technology Awareness of Diversity
But Oppression Persists?
Principals need your help.

Can you implement your
expertise and the Ministry
Expectations? Good Habits for
The Beginner Teacher Mentorship Free Workshops Reading
Research Play a role in School Culture There's more to schools
than coaching Work on Social
Construction Develop a Positive Feminsit Ethic -
Work Against Sexual Harassment
Empower Young Women & Men
Act Local! Serve the school. GSA's,
Anti- Racism, Student Council etc. Pick Your Passion Defeat Ignorance, Fear
& Hatred. Free their voices. Defeat Hate - Inspire Action Free up Student Voice Go outside your
comfort zone Have a general working knowledge
of Diversity - other cultures - other religions Eliminate your bias and focus on the job. Volunteer for conferences
and committees - get noticed! Join the Diversity Committee. Work Closley and Openly with Admin. Working through Oppression Equity & the Canadian (N.A.) Context Aboriginal Genocide A History Of Hate? French/English Tensions A multicultural nation A Multilingual Nation Christian History Multi-Faith Nation What do Kids Need? No Judgment Inclusion Belonging Acceptance Connection Community Family Restructured Families Divorce & Separation An Agent of Change Why Teach? Earn Your Death Changing Lives or
Earning a Paycheque? Who are you trying to reach - some or all of the kids? About Kids Meet them at their level You're a Mentor and a model - never their friend! Don't Judge Them
- Help Them. Kids Mess Up - Who will provide the second chance? Create Peace/Eliminate Bias
Defeat Hatred You must model your ability
to celebrate difference and cross lines and barriers Slavery Oppressions and Privilege Descend from
our History: the rich get richer, White Men
still fill the majority of leadership positions
and Aboriginal Youth are among the highest
rates of suicide in Canada after non-hetero
youth. Where are you in this equation? Start with Gender and then move on
to other oppressions. 1) What was my first experience of difference between genders? 2) What was my first experience
of someone from another race
than my own? 3) When did I first realize that people from different races were treated
differently? Each oppression is unique with its own features. We are all intersections of identity - honour the complexity of all students. About Me 18 years later
& still teaching
My Partner
My Mentors & Teachers My Inspiration = My Kids
Freeing the Voice of Children About You Deconstruct your History Know your privilege.
Own your privilege. Investigate
Yourself Teaching as Zen: When you are reacting emotionally, especially negatively, trace back your bias, your hatred, your resistance. Name it and
Let it Go! Be Prepared to be the
surrogate parent The Holy Educational Trinity 9-11 WW II Love Everyone has a right
to be on this planet. Africville Japanese Internment Chinese Head Tax South Asian Single Passage Tipping Asian Fisherman Firebombing Mosques 2010 Firebombing Jewish Synagogues, Daycares, Schools & Libraries 2011 Cross Burning Nova Scotia 2010 Teach a Proper Vocabulary of Equity. What skills do kids need? Choose Self Over Friends & Media
Stereotypes Eliminating
Self-hatred and Internalization Finding and Using their Voice Leadership skills Understanding Privilege Canada Defined The World's Tensions
= Our Tensions Hold a high moral line and sink no further How To Convert the LTO
Into a Permanent Job Make yourself invaluable and inspire trust Diversity is the expectation. Curriculum
School Culture
School Tone Self-Development Play a visible and active
role in school culture. Be Consistent, Professional,
Display Moral Leadership Challenge Yourself Make students the curriculum.
Celebrate them in your way.
Invite their stories and their
voices into your class. Always Focus on Self-Esteem
Development: Let respect for
the other person be under
your tongue at all times. Be Pro-kid and Avoid Student
Conflict: It's not about you.

V.P.'s confess the #1 commone discipline issues are teacher initiated problems.

Have the same expectations for
all kids: Nobody goes on "walkabout."

Avoid Drama. Don't set kids up.
Support them. Forgive them. Be Compassionate. - other sexualities etc. Anti-semetism Relationship to
technology Student Voice/Self-Esteem Survival & Staying Relevant Reinvent yourself: new lessons, be current, be culturally relevant! Mental Health: Know your limits A frayed teacher is useless Avoid teacher gossip.
Avoid student gossip.
Stay true to yourself. Know your rights as a
teacher: Use your Union. Connect with students,
staff and parents Be Welcoming! Build positive, consistent,
relationships with youth. Be a Consistent & Fair
Disciplinarian Work against marginalization.
Don't ask kids where they're really from, just learn how to pronounce their full names. Making Choices Your Social Responsibility Use Your Privilege Accordingly Be Compassionate
With Yourself Hatred and anxiety
can be eliminated
just like any
addiction. De-stress kids! Lyanda's Advice:
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