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Social Features of SharePoint 2013

Social and SharePoint 2013

Debbie Ireland

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Features of SharePoint 2013

Meaningful Connecting to People Context and Content discussions of microblog features, feeds and distributed cache Microfeed stored at the site level - eg MySite or Team site (rather than cache) takeaways: user centric encouraging conversations Social for communication connecting people Conversations in context... Who to follow?
Previous conversations?
Shared Documents? in context with content Social Lets looks at SharePoint 2013 then its all about... What do you want to know? and sparking creativity with... ...to discover people and content
...to provide the full story
...to enhance productivity by bringing together people Join, Contribute, Reply, Start a Discussion, Like... Components of the Social Features architecture + Connecting People
Knowledge and Information communities Explaining APP/List to store all microblogging Roll up and categorised That connect people in context with content Team Sites can enable can be activated on any site Contents of Community sites discussions pages people interaction Home Categories About Members Admin Views **Some of the pages have pre configured web parts, others can have Community Web Parts added You can do either site definition site feature Uses Wiki Pages Infrastructure Lists Pages bringing it all together Ratings Individual discussions
What's hot
My Discussions
By Category This enables free flow discussion about things related to the site, content and people involved discussions, categories, reputation, members lists, site pages, And!....it is all visible in your personal newsfeed! Site Feeds Communities are all about connecting people with information and surfacing content and ideas architecture i Building Communities
Sharing and Collaborating Its all about me! Tags Posts
Activity Links Pictures FOLLOW # Mentions @ Personal Activity Video -
SharePoint Likes Views Newsfeed
Likes User Centric
It's all about me! Site Feed personal interactions MySite Web Part /Team Site/Newsfeed.aspx Site Feature = Site Feed (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr + Personal Site Docs Social Docs Same in Site feeds (APP - Microfeed) Activities Views Three hubs follow Follow People
Tags Communities
Team Site Newsfeeds
Follow MySite Inclusions Distributed Cache discussions roll up view members and reputation categories and tiles Overview Community Site reply
delete posts
featured Categorise see counts add pictures View create Members Reporting Lists Reputation 3 hubs requires user profile and MySite (no posting available in anon mode built on Windows Appfabric relies on.... feed cache - recent activities and conversations for all entities (means no affect on system performances) Hidden? Community Consolidated Feeds WebPart User Generated System Generated need access to site need to follow the site 3 ways ***Uses Profile/Interests Activities Rely on Distributed Cache / App Fabric

May require a lot of cross service application database permissions

If you use multiple web apps you will need permission for each site to write to the other database, eg follow site that is off your mysite host

Everything run through User Profile Service, but no requirement for Synchronisation
shared documents follow updates easier to follow interface shared people ratings for content - likes or 1-5 stars People can earn points, gain reputation....receive badged (achieved and gifted) * per community site moderation
report abuse
best reply join
view members Gotchas Community administration - settings same with site feed www.sharethepoint.com
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