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Codes and Conventions of Film Trailers

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Ben Hawkins

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Codes and Conventions of Film Trailers

Codes and Conventions of Film Trailers
What are they?
Codes and conventions are aspects of a film trailer that you would expect to see when viewing. These may be things such as Film Name, Release Date or a Voice over. All of which are used within a large majority of film trailers. Trailers will stick to these codes and conventions so that the audience can easily identify the key aspects of the film and decide if they would enjoy the film or not
Trailer Length
After viewing a variety of different film trailers, across different genres, the lengths of the trailers were consistently around the 2:30 mark. As you can see from the next example, they follow this mark.
The reason for this timing is to be able to give enough about the film to attract the target audience, but not give away too much of the plot in order to give away the ending.
Billing Block
A billing block is used to give the audience information about the director, actors, age rating, music, production company, website and release date. This is used so that the viewer can find something that they find appealing about the film, and then they will feel an urge to go watch the film. e.g. Enjoy a certain actor in the film.
Main Characters
When creating trailers, creators will use as many shots as possible that feature the main characters. This not only makes it easier to establish the plot of the film from the trailer, but also if any famous actors are involved it acts as a pull factor to bring in audiences that enjoy the actor involved. As you can see from the examples, the main characters will be shown in a large majority of the shots that are used to create the trailer.
Social Networks
Social networks are often placed on the billing block of a film trailer in order to pull in a large audience through the internet. Those that are interested in the film can follow the process of the film through Facebook and Twitter, and keep up to date with updates and releases as soon as possible. Social Networks are one of the most popular ways to market your product to a large, diverse amount of people in a short time, if done effectively.
Trailer Length Examples
Billing Block Examples
Main Character Example
Social Network Examples
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