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Crisis in Change

A digital landscape of narratives and perspectives about crisis in change

Ajay Dasgupta

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Crisis in Change

Go where you want, say how you feel
Crisis in Change
The Gods were in crisis.

One of their citizens, Indra, had overreached himself and fingered a wise man. The wise man had cursed him. Now all the Allies of Indra were under threat and suffering from a degenerative disease called Life. In this disease your world changed every moment. And every moment you drew inexorably closer to Death. One of the hard symptoms of this disease was the feeling of crisis constantly clawing at their throats, or, the Deadline.

Churn for Change
Was there no solution for this crisis caused by Life?
There was one way out. They could find a weapon of mass resurrection. It was hidden somewhere in the Ocean of Milk, also called the Milky Way.
But to find it they would have to churn the ocean using a sacred mountain but they couldn’t do it alone. The Sacred Mountain informed them they would have to co-operate with their enemies, the Demons.
“No way” said Indra. “Those guys are contrarians. Whatever we say, they oppose us.”

“Well” said the mountain. “Instead of seeing opposition simply as a detriment to progress, it’s more realistic to see it as an essential element of spiritual growth. It’s up to you.”
And so began the great churn as the gods and demons to find a way to change things.

Corporate sponsors came in and gave the event a title – CHURN FOR CHANGE they called the campaign. Cheerleaders egged them along.
It didn’t all go well.
Churn for Change threw up some toxic spills. Things didn’t always go as wanted.

It also threw up bounties of nature, histories of music, the possibilities of new ideas, the beginnings of new languages and technological innovations.
At some point the demons were winning and the gods didn’t like this at all. So they sent in a female avatar called Mohini to distract them. Yes, it wasn’t very ethical. But it was for a good cause, wasn’t it?
Finally after an aeon of churning, just when everyone was beginning to think there was no elixir of solutions and they would all be condemned to Life, they found the nectar of immortality.

The gods pounced on it – but one demon too demanded it
That couldn’t be allowed. “Off with his head!” shouted the now immortal god, released from Life and Churn and Change.
They ascended to their immortal heaven and left others to Life.
Unfortunately the demon they had beheaded, stalks them in the skies still, casting a curse on them whenever he can. So things could Change.
But the corporates did well on the campaign. They commissioned an art installation to inspire more change at Suvarnabhoomi Airport and have moved on to other causes.

The crisis of traditional musicians
Solving the crisis of traditional musician tribes– 1
Solving the crisis of traditional musician tribes– 2
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