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Arikara- Social Studies

No description

Drew Pearson

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Arikara- Social Studies

Drew Pearson Dwellings -The dwellings that the Arikara lived in were called, earth lodges
-To make these, they had to dig a hole in the side of the hill which would make the door
-Then they would keep digging into the earth parallel, leaving the ceiling, which was the ground but still above you.
- They also would sometimes put a hole in the top for smoke to get out Religion Great Spirit (Main God) Crops -The Arikara's were primarily farmers
- Their major crops were corn, beans and squash, but they also grew tobacco, watermelon and pumpkins
-They used their crops for food, and trade Arikara -Two Interesting Facts-
-The earth lodges would sometimes cave in.
-Men only made the large lodges. Offering Great Spirit A Buffalo Head Ceremony To The Dead -The ceremony to the dead is where they honor and pray for who has died in their tribe. -Arikara often give there God their prize possessions to show there thankful for there God Animals - Arikara depended on bison, for there hide and they would use almost everything of their bison, so there would be no waste.
-They would also count on horses, they would use them for transportation and sometimes food. -The tools they used were bows, knifes, arrows, spears, knives, hide scrapers, drums.

-For transportation they used birch bark canoes, bull boats, toboggans(Sled). Tools -Arikara only believe in Great Spirit Drew Pearson Period 2 Earth lodges Squash Watermelon Corn Green Beans Horse Horse Bison Bow Knife Canoe (Birch Bark) Hide Scarpers - Arikara also did a Sun dance, which is where they would become a man
-They would put bear claws threw there chest until; they ripped off
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