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Kenya Community Partnership

ISI Presentation

Wenjuan Jiang

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Kenya Community Partnership

Kenya Community Partnership Students:

Catharine Hickey
Wenjuan Jiang
Neesha Kharva
Pallavi Kumar
Travis Mecum
Melissa Osborne
David Peterson Faculty:

Deb Magness
Jerr Boschee
Babs Carryer
Jendayi Frazer Who Are We? Kenya’s population is in danger Help facilitate a stronger community where all members have the opportunity to be successful.
Background GOAL Project to date Sep 2009 Jan 2010 Feb 2010 MAR 2010 Birthday Compiled case paper Fundraising campaign
900 Winner of the Holleran Grant ? Heinz College Institute for Social Innovation Pittsburgh Kenduiwo Orphanage Tenwek Health Clinic The Bukacha Community
Kenya Our Partners What's next...? Students Faculty advisor Alumni
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