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Song-making using Logic Pro

No description

Quirino Rubio

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Song-making using Logic Pro

Song-making using

Setting up
Open a new project or existing template
Set the tempo on Logic Pro in accordance with your song's tempo to help with syncing/quantization
Begin Recording
Start recording takes of your song until you achieve desired results
Mixing your song
Now it's time to begin mixing - Add various plug-ins, Set a good balance, and adjust the levels

Select an input if recording from an instrument
Adjust volume of source sound/instrument to about halfway
Add Midi/Sample Tracks
Consider adding midi tracks for unavailable instruments
The final touches
Make any last minute changes to your song/experiment with new sounds or order
Open a track for recording
Adjust gain on mixer until source sound reaches highest level without clipping
Also try to stay between -18 to -12dBFS on Logic Pro's channel strip
Try adding some sample tracks for a more realistic sound
Try out the editing tools as well
For more on mixing, look for future posts on my blog
Logic Pro
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