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Moral Panic and the 'Impact Agenda'

Keynote talk for CASRAI 2012 conference: Occupy Impact

Claire Donovan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Moral Panic and the 'Impact Agenda'

reconnect12: Occupy Impact Moral Panic and the 'Impact Agenda' Quality = academic What is research impact? Moral Panic and What is research impact? Technometrics? Tied to an innovation agenda Moral Panic &
the 'impact agenda' Impact = public benefits Relevance gap? Returns to economy Business Industry Ex post Ex ante 'Impact Agenda' Discontent Frustration Annoyance Disappointment Corrupting influence Bullshit Endure barbarities hostile Raven knawing at his liver National shame coarse Inane Shallow Meretricious Impose Immensely wasteful of patience and sanity Depressing Stifle Social Benefit Economic Benefit Environmental Benefit Cultural benefit Social Benefit: ‘Improving quality of life; stimulating new approaches to social issues; changes in community attitudes, and influence upon developments or questions in society at large; informed public debate and improved policy-making; enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the nation; improved equity; and improvements in health, safety and security.’ Economic Benefit: ‘Improved productivity; adding to economic growth and wealth creation; enhancing the skills base; increased employment; reduced costs; increased innovation capability and global competitiveness; improvements in service delivery; and unquantified economic returns resulting from social and public policy adjustments.’ Environmental Benefit: ‘Improvements in environment and lifestyle; reduced waste and pollution; improved management of natural resources; reduced consumption of fossil fuels; uptake of recycling techniques; reduced environmental risk; preservation initiatives; conservation of biodiversity; enhancement of ecosystem services; improved plant and animal varieties; and adaption to climate change.’ Cultural Benefit: ‘Supporting greater understanding of where we have come from, and who we are as a nation and society; understanding how we relate to other societies and cultures; stimulating creativity within the community; contributing to cultural preservation and enrichment; and bringing new ideas and modes of experience to the nation.’ How do we assess research impact? Simple metrics? Sociometrics? Narratives? Contextual approaches? Economy, business and industry Instrumental research Denying academic freedom Moral Panic? Strategic research vs. blue skies thinking Instrumentalism vs. academic freedom Philistinism Economic rationalism "The Impact Blues" Attribution Time-lags Public value Valuing HASS & STEM 'Impact in the making' For complexity
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