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Rhetoric of Place: Urban Outfitters

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Neha Bagga

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Rhetoric of Place: Urban Outfitters

By: Neha Bagga And Federico Roitman Rhetoric of Place Advertisements UO draws customers in through networking, they rely on word of mouth rather than ads to get their message across What is the consumer buying?
Buying into? A customer in UO might believe that UO does not make clothing, but is rather a retail store supplied by different brands. This belief is generated due to the fact that UO clothes all have different tags from different “stores” when in fact these “small brands”, which customers buy believing that they are different by buying an obscure brand, are almost all in fact fabricated and distributed by UO. Their clothing is just given a different tag to appeal to this feeling of uniqueness. How does the commercial space see you?
portray you?
does not make you feel forced to have to look a certain way by wearing their clothes

UO effectively convinces the consumer that however they look they can find something within their store that they can look good in and feel good in.

effective in Cambridge due to it’s large college scene as well as artistic and urban scene. UO through their clothing promotes a “different” or “alternative lifestyle”, while this may not necessarily be embraced in a suburb or more conservative area, due to Cambridge’s urban ambiance it is particularly successful.

UO is effective in overarching the US because in in a society wear one feels pressure to look a certain way UO is able to break these expectations and promote acceptance through clothing rather than insecurity. Urban
Outfitters How the appeals effective Space, Atmosphere, and Customers Urban Outfitters allocates various sale advertisements within the store

During seasonal sales they often will cover their windows with sale signs. lack of advertisements is what in fact draws in the regular customer due to UO relaxed shopping atmosphere.

UO appeals to the fact that in a highly commercial advertisement filled society they are not using this technique and are “different”, a trend that has recently been highlighted in music, movies, and fashion.

Being different within society isn't negative anymore but rather something that is encouraged by the youth

UO creates an atmosphere that attempts to promote the idea that they are different Customers are buying into the idea that they are “different/alternative”, in the sense that they are not necessarily buying into mainstream brands

UO unlike said brands does not advertise through their clothing UO attempts to portray their consumer as the normal young adult, rather than promote unrealistic body types or display models in a dishonest way.

Within a UO store one will not find a single image of a model or person. UO only uses models in their online website

Urban Outfitters has a range of prices, while some items may be above 100 dollars one can also find clothing for 20 dollars or less. This appeals to a wide variety of people, from various different socioeconomic backgrounds
While their primary customer base is teenagers, UO has a wide customer base including teenagers, college students, and even adults due to their range of different styles. Space, Atmosphere, and Customers (continued) There is less of a pressure to shop while in the space. There are many couches and places to sit, and the overall space is very open and bright, which creates a more relaxing atmosphere. There are also many books and interesting non-clothes related items to look at, this makes the atmosphere feel familiar and inviting.
Staff is available, but is often not invasive or pushy.
While the space does encourage shopping with the many sale signs placed throughout the store, it also encourages browsing and promotes a more social and interactive atmosphere

UO also portrays different types of consumers, primarily one certain type, using the current colloquialism, the “hipster.” A recent popular trend, the hipster represents an alternative artistic lifestyle.

The hipster rejects all forms of the mainstream whether it is in literature, music, film, and clothing; often listening to obscure bands (many of which are played in UO), watching independent and foreign movies, and wearing alternative apparel.

UO uses the hipster to portray their customer base.
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