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So Far So Good

what we've done so far

jon feldman

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of So Far So Good

So Far So Good
We need to look at
You Get the

-The Nervous System
-How Muscles contract
-Homeostasis/The Endocrine System
But How do we know about these
Today your going to create a prezi on the Scientist
who discovered and developed these ideas
Discovered that
were controlled by
helped develop Galvani
theories of muscles being
controlled by electricity
and was a pioneer of
electrical discovery
(Volts and Voltage are
named after him)
found and researched
the symptoms
of diabetes.
Banting and Best
extraction and purification of insulin
Create a revision prezi
including these systems and
the scientist that developed
the theories.
Create YOUR revision prezi about all the info we've covered
the Scientist and the story of their Discoveries
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