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Source Mart Designer

No description

John Christensen

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Source Mart Designer

Source Mart Designer Training
Late-Binding Data Warehouse
Electronic Medical Record
Patient Satisfaction
Human Resources
EMR Source Mart
We'll see how Source Mart Designer is used to bring client data sources into a Late-Binding Data Warehouse.
The EDW Admin database stores all metadata in the data warehouse.

Client Data Sources
Common EMR's:
The EMR Source Mart contains the transformed column names we mapped using SMD!
EDW Admin Database
We transform the metadata by:
Here is where we map the source columns to the destination columns.
From EDW Admin, the Medication Table metadata is deployed to the EMR Source Mart - which is itself a database within the data warehouse.
This is Source Mart Designer (SMD)
The Medication Table:
We'll grab the metadata from the Medication Table and bring it into Source Mart Designer.
The Data Warehouse!
SMD saved the changes we made to the Medication Table in EDW Admin
We'll use SMD to bring one table from the EMR into the data warehouse
The "MedicationBASE" Table:
We use SMD to repeat the process for each source of data
These are the columns we brought over from the Medication Table.
Changing column names & adding a suffix onto the end
Standardizing column data types
Next we'll save the transformed metadata to our data warehouse!
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