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Believing in God, but not in Prayer

When you believe that there is a God, but don't believe that praying to Him makes a difference. A talk for Jr. High.

Jess Nik

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of Believing in God, but not in Prayer

So here's the rub. What if God is real? What if he wants to talk to you? And what if you talked to him? You just have to decide, how real will you let HIM be? How long are have you been
doing life on your own? What would it take
for things to change? Who can you rely on? How often do you fail how often do others fail you? What does your life look like? Is life really all you
thought it would be? Who can rely on you? Did you expect more? How often do you fail them? Real change only comes through Relationship What does relationship mean? You have to decide first. Spend time alone with God Find a time that works for you Decide how long you spend. have a plan! Scripture Observation Application Prayer Pick a place So why on earth would
I want to do this? This just sounds like a
bunch of stupid rules
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