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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Anaïs Basse & Ewelina Leoniuk

eve lina

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Anaïs Basse & Ewelina Leoniuk To what extent is order versus disorder a major theme in the play? Who is the play's main agent in bringing back order? 1. Mature Love between Theseus & Hippolyta 2. The youthful love between Lysander & Hermia
Demetrius & Helena
central action 4 .Finally, the plot containing the mechanicals and their attempt at staging the love story of Pyramus and Thisbe an echo of the main plot? 3. Alongside the afore-mentioned one is the discord in the love between Oberon & Titania in the fairy world The action of the play takes place on four levels Disorder inside
of Order? 1. Who is the play's main agent in bringing back order? 2. In the human world Hermia refused to obey her father 3. In the fairy world the King and Queen disagreed about a beautiful child 4. "The human mortals want their winter here.
No night is now with hymn or carol blessed.
Therefore the moon, the governess of floods,
Pale in her anger, washes all the air,
That rheumatic diseases do abound.
And thorough this distemperature we see
The seasons alter (...) The spring, the summer,
The childing autumn, angry winter change
Their wonted liveries, and the mazèd world,
By their increase, now knows not which is which.
And this same progeny of evils comes
From our debate, from our dissension."
Act 2, Scene 1 5. "Now thou and I are new in amity,
And will tomorrow midnight solemnly
Dance in Duke Theseus' house triumphantly,
And bless it to all fair prosperity.
There shall the pairs of faithful lovers be
Wedded, with Theseus, all in jollity."
Act 4, scene 1 6. How do we know that everything is
back in order? In the fairy world - dance
- music In the human world: - the marriages are celebrated
- bad performance Other themes? Disorder is BACK! Anarchic tendencies seen in: The young lovers
The Fairy World The mechanicals as actors
Athenian Law & The Law of the Fairy World
as a background Patriarchal society > men exercise power over women. Egeus over Hermia:

"(...) she is mine and all my right of her /
I do estate unto Demetrius." Oberon over Titania:

"Am I not thy Lord?" IS SHAKESPEARE A MISOGYNIST?! Egeus & Hermia the disobedient daughter Lysander & Hermia the disobedient lovers Helena & Hermia the unfaithful friend Oberon & Titania the quarell between the spouses Titania & Bottom the queen in love with the monster The young lovers well, love is fickle :)
:) references:
- Raymond Justin Hoole - Doctoral Thesis : "The dramatic function of of disorder, conflict and violence in Shakespeare's comedies and romance"
- Stephen Fender - "Shakespeare- A midsummer night's dream"
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