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People of the Civil War

No description

Danielleann Jacob

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of People of the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln John Brown Daniel Webster Henry Clay Winfield Scott Thomas Jackson Ulysess S. Grant Harriet Beecher Stowe Robert E. Lee Rose Greenhow He was an American
Abilitionist and made his
name in the raid at Harpers
Ferry. He was a 19-century
representetive who
represented both the
senate and the House
of Representetives. He
served as a speaker and
a Secretary of State
from 1825 - 1829.
By: Danielleann Jacob Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United Sates and successfuly led his country through the civil war.

He was best known
for commanding the
Confederate Army
during the Cvil war,
and was a United
States Army Officer.
He was the 18th president of the
United States and commanded
the Union. And help defeat the
confederate states. He was a United
States Army General,
known as "Old Fuss and
Feathers" and " The Grand
Old Man".

He was a Confederate
General during the
Cvil War. And was nick-
named "StoneWall" , t
because he was just
standing there like a
" Stonewall". He was a States Man and
tried three times to
achieve the presidency. She was a Confederate
Spy . She used her
connection to pass
along information
to the confederacy. She was and abilitionist and an author. She wrote
the famous novel that reached millions,and help
people notice how slavery was a big deal. Pauline Cushman She was an a Spy for the
Union, and provided,
information to General
Rosecans. Eventually, she
was captured, and sentenced
to hang. She managed to
escape and make it to the
union army where she was
admired for her courage.

People of th Civil War
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