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Copy of Resumes & Cover Letters

No description

Nigel Andrews

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Resumes & Cover Letters

What is a resume & why is it important

Resume Format: what to Put


Resume Do's and Don'ts
Goal of a resume is to get an INTERVIEW!!!!!

1234 Tacoma Avenue #103
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 555-5555
joe_ jobseeker@gmail.com
Joe Jobseeker
What else will you do
to fill up this space?

Experience = Skills
More Experience = More Skills =
More Marketable!
You Skills
What Employers Want
+ =
"I don't even have any good skills...you know, like nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills...girls only want boyfriends who have great skill."
- Napoleon Dynamite
Contact Information
> Name (avoid using nicknames)

> Leave off address
- craigslist

> Phone Number - (w/ professional msg)

> Professional E-mail
Jesse Pederson
Renton High School Renton, WA
High School Diploma In Progress

Kentridge High School Kent, WA High School Diploma 2010-2013

Contact Information

Summary of Qualifications


Volunteer Experience



The heart of the
You can have multiple
EXPERIENCE sections!
Class Project
All experiences involve some type of
All experiences involve some type of
Position Title
Organization Name

Bullet Points
(City, State)
Experience Categories
*Tip: Place most recent experience on top

(and How)
Bullet Points
Babysat kids

Mow lawns and did landscaping

Answer phones and talk to customers

General Guidelines
> One page, 10-12 pt font

> Font: Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica

> Paper: Clean and quality printer paper

> PERFECT in sppelling & grammarr

> CoNsIsTaNt LaYoUt & FoRmAt

* *There is always variation in resumes when it comes to:
Bold, Italicize and Underline
What is a Cover Letter?
Cover Letter Guidelines

> One page

> 10-12 pt. font (Times, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica)

> Use standard business letter (block) format

> Print on resume or high quality paper

> Proofreed, prroofread, proofread!

Opening Paragraph

Body Paragraph(s)

Closing Paragraph

Objectives these days are bland, meaningless & hard to write

>Objectives fail to set you apart from the rest

> Indicate what (skills) you can offer, NOT what they can offer you
Who needs 'em?
> Name & Location of school
*List most recent School First
Skill + What You Did + Results/Outcome
Simple Formula:
> Name & contact information
Use same header that's on your resume
> Date
> Recipient's Information
Name, title, company & address
> Salutation
Avoid "To Whom It May Concern"
If unable to locate specific contact person:
"Dear, Hiring Manager"
"Dear, Hiring Committee"
> WHY are you writing?
specify position
> HOW did you learn of the position?
> Why are you interested in applying?
1 to 2 Body Paragraphs
Match desired skills and experiences listed in the job/position description
Use key words
Expand upon your resume
What skills did you gain?
What knowledge did you learn?
How does this relate to what the position is calling for?
Chance to explain employment gaps
Be confident!
> Summarize your qualifications
> Express interest in an interview/meeting
> Thank the employer for their time & attention
Key Questions
> Did you emphasize your
related experiences & skills?

> Have you sold yourself on paper?

> If roles were reversed, would you consider your resume to be a strong applicant
Reel in the job with your Cover Letter
A letter sent with your resume that:
Provides additional info about your skills and experience
States how you are the best match for the job that you are applying for
A cover letter is a picture of who YOU are!
Create a critical 1st impression of who you are to the employer
A cover letter can....
A cover letter can...


What can you

do for the employer?

Why are so cover letters important?
A cover letter can help with...

>playing up your skills

>gaps in your employment

>explaining "other experience"
Expresses your interest in:

the specific organization/business
the job that you are applying for
A cover letter can...
There a 3
common types of cover letters:

Application Cover Letter:
Where you explain to the employer why you should be selected for an interview
Referral/Networking Cover Letter:
Where you mention a mutual connection when you are applying for a job
Letter of Interest:
A letter sent to an employer inquiring about possible job opportunities
The breakdown
"I am writing to express my interest in the Customer Service Representative position"
"Mary Smith suggested I contact you directly regarding my interest in the Customer Service Representative position with your organization"
"I read about your company's Customer Services Representative training program and I would like to inquire about the possibility of an available opening."
What is a cover letter?

Why are they important?

Types of Cover Letters

Cover Letter Formatting & Guidelines
What is a resume?
A personal summary of:
>Any qualifications, skills, and background you may have to offer a potential employer

>Your resume should reflect your personality, creativity & your abilities
Your resume should show YOUR stuff!!!
Common Types of Resumes
>Lists your work history with the MOST RECENT position listed first

>Most employers prefer this because they can see what jobs you have held and for how long
> Highlights your experience, skills,

> Often used if you have recently changed your career or have gaps in your employment history
>Lists your skills, experience, volunteer work, school activities first. (Combination of many things)
What the employer sees FIRST!
Would you want to hire:



Sam "Sunshine" Smith
1314 South "L" Street
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: 253-555-5555
Email: touchdownmoney@gmail.com
> a summary of your experience, skills and qualifications for the job you are applying for.
Summary of Qualifications
> Do not use "I" or "My
> Example:
Works very well in groups
>3 years of quality babysitting experience
Great communication and social skills
>Has excellent computer knowledge
Ability to work with little supervision
>Multilingual: English, Spanish & Russian
CPR and First Aid Certified
>Food Handler's Permit

> Use 5 to 7 bullet points
What about under the table jobs?
Can I include it on a resume?
Try contacting that person you worked with under the table and ask them if they would be willing to be a Professional Reference for you!
Each experience and/or job entry should have 3-5 bullet points describing your duties
Do NOT add your......
>Social Security Number
>Birth date or Age
>Criminal Background
>Religious Affiliation
>Disability information
>Irrelevant hobbies, activities, etc.
Yes, no, maybe, depends.
>Food Handlers Card?
>CPR/First Aid?
Honor roll?
Volunteer of the Year?
References at the bottom of the page
Presented by: Nigel-Andrew Paclibon
Created by: Charla Allen
(Only list active certificates, permits, licenses, etc.)
Summary of Qualifications (cont.)
Section should
and be specific to job/s you are applying for.
Highlights background, ID's your strongest skills and may overlap with your "Work Experience Section."
Print out
job description
and read it over 5 times.
Next, highlight key words/skills that applies to you.
Job description: "3 years of warehouse experience required."

Summary of Qualifications Section: "Over 5 years of warehouse experience."
Does Under The Table Job Relate to Job You Are Applying For?
Consider listing. Use your best judgement (legal vs illegal "jobs")
Ex: Babysitting experience --> Daycare Position
Ex: Selling stolen car parts--> Automotive Technician Position
If you have little to no professional work experience, consider listing under the table job if had one.
Can be listed under "Other Work Experience" or "Relevant Work Experience."
Listing Under the Table Jobs If You have Employment Gaps
If you have gaps in employment, listing under the table jobs would be a good option to fill those empty spaces. Again, use your best judgement!
it explains and shows that you are doing/did
rather than
Again: Do
list it under "Professional Work Experience!" instead, list it under "Relevant Experience," "Relevant Work Experience," "Other Experience," etc.
What About Employment Gaps?
If you have been out of work for the last 5-10 years or have employment gaps, you need to show employer what you have been doing.
Experience (cont.)
Work Experience:
babysitting experience, yard work experience, jobs if you had one in the past, etc.
Volunteer Experience:
food bank, community, church, youth, school, etc.
Internship Experience
Leadership Experience: school, clubs, community, etc.
Resumes will always have preferences:
bold, italicize, date formats, periods, spaces, etc.
Communication Skills
Problem-solving skills
Cooperative skills
Initiative/self starting
Leadership Skills
Flexibility skills
Creativity Skills
Attention to Detail
School: Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.
Stay at home parent/homemaker
Served as caregiver to family/friend
Auto Mechanic
Computer Software Certificates?
Perfect Attendance?
Ageless Resume
List Education-related dates within last 10 years.
Leave out high school education if you completed college.
If currently in high school, list expected graduation month/season with year.
Ageism in the hiring process exists.
Multiple jobs in a short time-frame?
If you held multiple job for a few months, consider listing under separate section titled "Other Work Experience" if relevant to job applying.
Other Work Experience:
Worked as a nail care specialist in beauty salon and ticket taker at movie theater.
Allows you to be specific
Allows you to create sunshines instead of clouds and rain
Gave food to customers

Served and prepared food and beverages to 80+ customers daily
Cleaned store
Maintained cleanliness of all store departments following safety guidelines and care.
Worked while Incarcerated?
Consider listing work while incarcerated to fill employment gaps in resume.
Little To No Experience?
Consider having "Activities + Interests" section
Display and highlight transferable skills.
Employers + scanning software
Avoid family and friends
Professional references:
those that are familiar with your "work"
supervisors, executive directors, coworkers, etc.
Personal references:
those that are familiar with your overall character
religious leader, teacher, professor, person your volunteered for
Ask permission if it is okay to list them as a reference.
Listing References
References on a separate sheet from resume
Should have the same exact heading and layout of your resume
First and Last Name
Job title
email + phone number
If reference no longer works there, try to get their personal contact
* Consider writing brief statement on how you know person
September 20, 2013

Tom Brady
Senior Accountant Executive
Seattle Broadcast Inc.
5140 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98031

Dear Mr. Brady,

I am writing to express an interest in the Sales Accountant Assistant position posted on your agency website. Your organization is one of the region's most recognized and accomplished television stations and I would like to be considered as a candidate for the position.
September 20, 2013

Tom Brady
Senior Accountant Executive
Seattle Broadcast Inc.
5140 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98031

Dear Mr. Brady,
Don't Know Specific Employer's Name?
September 20, 2013

Hiring Professionals
Seattle Broadcast Inc.
5140 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98031

Dear Hiring Professionals,
* It's always nice to include recipient's name on cover letter. Attempt some research on their website to pinpoint a contact.

It shows effort and willingness to learn about company.
Body Paragraph 1 & 2
Matching desired skills, qualifications, experiences found in job description
Details supporting your claim that you can help them achieve goals
examples from your resume.
explaining how you will help the organization with the skills you have.
I am an ideal candidate for your company since I am eager to learn, have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with people. My past employment has provided me with 5+ experience in a supervisory position where my associates relied on my ability to lead and influence them in a positive way to increase sales, traffic and productivity. Furthermore, I am devoted in helping the company grow with my use of creativity and vibrant customer service skills that is sure to bring back customers for future business.
Outstanding Student?
Community Recognition Awards?

Honor Roll (2014 and 2013 School Year)
Most Valuable Soccer Player (2014
Volunteer of the Year (2013)
Outstanding Citizenship Award (2011)
Perfect Attendance Award (2011)
What is a resume?
On average how long do you think it takes employers to review your resume and decide if you get called for an interview or not?

a. 30 seconds
b. 5 minutes
c. 3 hours
d. 1 to 3 days
Provided quality babysitting for children between 3 and 7 years old

Responsible for keeping lawns well groomed by using garden tools and mower

Answered phone calls with courtesy and communicated with customers effectively

Helped 5th graders on their homework

Read books to kids and gave snacks

Offered effective tutoring for 7 fifth graders to help them improve their grades

Read books to children daily and provided healthy and nourishing snacks

Sports and Athletics
School/Community Clubs
Community Involvement
example: Nov.2011 to Jan.2012
example: 2011 to 2012
No experience is ever wasted. Everything has meaning.
-Oprah Winfrey
What is the goal of a resume?
> Rank bullet points
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