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BCE - Change Management

"Turning the Tank" - the accession of new management at Bell Canada Inc.

Afzal Habib

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of BCE - Change Management

The New Turning The Tank Witnessing Stagnation increased competition

suffering profitability

lagging technology Preparing for Change Teachers Acquisition Fall-Out
CEO Replaced and Mgmt Aligned
100 day transition plan
Barriers to Change Change in
Top Management Rebranding &
Logo Renewal New Strategy He Needed to Wake The Change Monster Implementation Begins Success Looks Imminent Increased Dividend

New Products/Services

New Branding Campaign Remaining Determined Low Morale & Confidence; Potential Crisis

Realization That Change Occurred

Change Fatigue and the Neutral Zone Could Change Be Abandoned? Looking For Fruition . . . BCE Has Pleased All Stakeholders

Retention of Customers and Cost Cutting

Success in Key Metrics Thank You THE CHANGE CURVE Jeanie Daniel Duck "Be Like BELL" Campaign Alexander Graham Bell as a Hero
Innovation Challenge - Prizes HR FRAME Structural Frame Political Frame Symbolic Frame
Management Trim

New Strategy & Goals

Invested in Technology & Distribution
Winning market’s new customers 1/3 Refocus on
Telecom 15% Of Management Eliminated 750 Excessive Lag Time for Management Changes

Lack of Company Alignment
Robust Communication Plan Organic Goal Setting Exercises Lunch Seminars and Dialogue Sessions for Middle Managers "CREDO" Breaking Barriers-
CEO to Hit the Front Lines Afzal Habib
Nima Khadem
Andrew Shwartzberg
Neda Abusaeidi
Adam Saperia
Nicole Silverberg
Up to 75%
"I know dozens of non-unionized (also known as "managers" according to Bell) which Cope cut. I also know many at Bell that are left which feel they could be cut at any time. Employee morale at Bell is atrocious. People with young families now unemployed with pathetic severences.

Thanks George, you've really done your part to address Canada's unemployment. Oh yeah and you have a depressed and terrified corporate culture. What leadership!"

Comment on Bell Canada - GLOBE & MAIL Article
400,000 The Number of Customers Cancelling Landline Services Anually 20% Customers Cancelling Bell Internet Service After One Month
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