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The Magic Land of Prezi

No description

wOw Prezi

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of The Magic Land of Prezi

This is the bad presentation world
Everything here is boring, sad, and hard to understand
And this is the lair of Slideman
Meet Vinny
He got lost in this confusing world
This world is full of imprisoning visuals and text
Slideman has claimed many victims with his dull and boring presentations
Vinny tries to escape from Slideman, but there are several traps along his way
Too many words actually say nothing useful or memorable
Everything in Slideman’s world can look the same
And important details are missed
Where Everything is beautiful and harmonious
The message is confusing
Stories are rich in details...
But there’s a place Slideman can’t go
The Magic Land of Prezi
...and life
Everyone loves his stories!
Vinny become a
great communicator!
The old days at bad presentation world were forgotten
Join the Magic Land of Prezi and be a Presentations King
by wowprezi
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