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Merry Christmas

No description

Mr. Stack

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Merry Christmas

What is Christmas?
You don't know what Christmas is about?! Wow... I should tell you now.
And you better remember this! Christmas a happy holiday where you (I mean KIDS) get a present from Santa Claus (some fat person in a red suit with black boots riding in a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer).
Behave well!
If you're a kid, you should BEHAVE WELL!!! If you do, you will get a present from Santa. If you don't you probably will get coal from Santa and you will fail at everything in life.
You really want to know what kind of presents you get?! Well, lets just say that he gives you the presents you want. Happy? No? Fine. Be that way.
One present
Fine! I have had ENOUGH of you! This is one kind of present Santa gives you. A SIMPLE BOARD GAME (I know I did it in all caps. I did it on purpose)!
Before you ask any more questions, decor stands for decoration. During Christmastime, you put up a little Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, lights, and maybe ribbons. When Santa comes, (in the night) he puts your presents under that tree.
If you don't know what the colors are, then they are right here (if you don't know, then you are stupid).
The Colors
You don't know the two colors of Christmas either? Wow again... You really should catch up now. The two famous colors of Christmas are green and red. That is why you will see green arrows and red circles in this prezi.
You want one MORE?Here is a SIMPLE DOLL. Do you even know what toys are?
Merry Christmas
By: Niharika
you because you didn't listen to me
Raggedy Andy
Yummy treats!
Don't forget to leave Santa some cookies and milk! I am sure that he tries to search for those cookies and milk every time! In the morning, you will see that he has drank the milk and has eaten at least one cookie!
I hate to do this, but
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