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Adult Entertainment and Technology

No description

Taylor Bramblett

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Adult Entertainment and Technology

ASCII Art (1970s and 1980s) Penthouse Magazine Baud 2400(1990s) Credit Card Payment Systems (1992) PayPal (2003) Danni's Hard Drive Steaming (1995) Adult Spam (mid-1990s) Internet Trafficking Optimization (1990s) Major Piracy Law Suits Filed(2010) Pink Visual Locker (2011) Pink Visual Downloads for Apple Products (2008) Adult Entertainment Industry
and Technology Definition of Pornography Pornography is media bound
Pornography is fictional, imaginative and iconic
Pornography is produced for an audience Printing Press (1400) I Modi (1524) Louis Daguerre (1839) Daguerreotypes Stereoscope (1883) Automobile (1900s) Motion Picture (1892) Kinetoscope (1888) Le Coucher de la Marie Nickelodeons (1900-1907) Super 8 Projectors (1965) Polariods (1963) Betamax vs. VHS (Late 1970s-1980s) S t a r s X i n g Voice over Internet Protocol (1995) HD DVD vs. Blu-ray (2000-2003) iPads Launched (2010) Interactive Television (1999) Cable and Satellite Companies (~1999) 3D For Your iPhone 2009 Camcorder (1990s) Adult World of Warcraft (2011) Video Phone (1990s) The Internet (1995) Problems with Dial-up (1990s) Adult Friend Finder(1996) Skype (2003) Facebook (2005) Adult Motion Picture Tube Sites and Amatuer Pornography (2006) Effects of the 2008 Recession Droid vs. Apple (2010) Geomarketing (2000s) USB the New DVD (2012) New Technologies and Toys (2012) Cross Overs (2000s) Social Media (2000s) Make Your Own Movie(2012) Sex Robots (2012) The End
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