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Simon Barnes - Timbmet

No description

Simon Barnes

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Simon Barnes - Timbmet

Simon Barnes - Timbmet
Business Success
Multiple (and disparate) sectors
Sales and Marketing led
Commercially sound
Credible and effective
Enormous rolodex...

Personal Success...
Family based sustainability epiphany in 2009
We all need to protect our planet and its natural capital
Small effort from all skews global bias
Grew up in Sussex
Qualified in Business and Economics
Hated it

Started first business aged 22
Multiple business successes across various sectors
Sporting success in two disciplines
Family Family Family...

Marketing & Design
Chemicals & Packaging
Commercial Director Sky Interactive
Pioneered online real estate model
Acquisition of Open TV
Delivered bleeding edge technology to provide content and billing via RB / STB that prevails today
Sweated in front of Mr Murdoch
Polo Design
First business venture
Marketing & Design Company
Grew to almost 120 staff and £6m TO
Exited handsomely in three years
Paul Hill Ltd
Commercial Director
Diversified business from stagnant single product to multiple / success
Exited with retained equity
Chemsource Group
Group MD
UK / Eire / Poland
Global distribution / procurement
Blue chip client base

Tritops Sports
Seed funded first UK triathlon outlet
Hands on retail...FUN
Idea from competing in AUS
Grew to four stores with £3m TO
Exit via acquisition of chain
The BikeStore
Sleeping Partner in south coasts first mega store for MTB

Textme TV
Equity based Director
Worlds first text to broadcast
Endemol and BB largest consumer
Amplefuture Group
Equity based Board member
Drove Group into Global leader of platform provisioning inc Micrososoft, AOL, Virgin and Freeserve.
Growth peaked >£90m
Aggressive M&A strategy
Lanetro ZED
UK MD & Group Board member
Global No 2 for mobile content
Global No.1 for profitablity
Prepared business for UK IPO

My Family...
Global Research based NGO
Poor interaction with corporates
Joined to bridge communication gap
Delivered over 200 new contacts
Plus >£2.5m in revenue

Key partnerships created.....
Sector Investment
Virtual Universe
The Nod
Gloo Gaming
Abrient Technology
Party Poker
Star & Sky
Financial Services
Early investor / entrant into umbrella IR35 model
One Company exited
One retained with majority shareholding in trust
UK's leading distributor of hardwoods
Strong brand with deep market roots

Strategic sales and marketing review to re-position the business for growth within newly confident construction sectors.

Work with external resource and current management to re-evaluate and refine the market needs and the product portfolio

Deliver a renewed business plan to support the above.
External Analysis
Define the current market and territorial opportunities
Understand competitor offers
Understand evolving market needs and buyer decision making
Evaluate the current business model
Identify the strengths & weaknesses of the Timbmet proposition
Craft an appealing story that will resonate with customers, and market.

Brief and produce a connected sales and marketing plan / process / positioning / collateral / access points

Work with suitable external resource to deliver a sound strategic business plan to drive growth

Create an organisational / management plan that will support the completed business plan

Timbmet needs a strategy led sales and marketing focus to capitalise upon emerging market opportunities.

This will require external skillsets as well as internal refocussing.

Let's Discuss....

Investor / partner
Capitalising upon the rise of MTB
Grew to be one of the largest independent UK cycle stores
Exit via Partner buy-out
National and International success
Innovative sponsorship
Cycling and Triathlon
Commonwealth Games 1986
Olympic Games Selection 2000
Our Home
Chief Executive
Engaged Sir Richard Branson as patron
Created Ground breaking global first TV channel
Zero to £450k in 12 months
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