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ResLife: The Playlist!

To show the Residence Life Department how important Music is to our development as a department and as individuals.

Matt Zalman

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of ResLife: The Playlist!

Mash-Ups! Challenge: Gender StereoTypes Covers! ResLife: The Playlist! Be Original...Make Your mark! Hippocampus This is a cultural touchstone...a year captured in music Motor Cortex & Visual Cortex Our brains expect certain melodic, harmonic and rhythm eventualities! Bobby McFerrin demonstartes this with a studio audience @ TED. Corpus Callosum Stress reliever, setting the mood---helping you sleep, as an icebreaker…playing music at start of C/RA training to see who got up to follow the “nut” and dance, motivator—to work, be productive, to help brainstorm. As a sense of time. creative outlet, programming and educational purposes, help you connect and relate to students. Using music with our staff team projects during training. Music can create a positive or negative vibe. If you listen to music in your office, what does that say to people? (Is it welcoming) Play a song each time you train on something and
it helps the topic to stick. Memory for music, musical experiences, and contexts Here we can "Say Anything," itt's how you see it through your eyes. Motor Cortex: Movement, foot-tapping, dancing and playing an instrument Visual Cortex: Reading Music, looking at a performer's or one's own movement Connects the right and left hemispheres...just like music helps us connect and make connections. Why talk about Music? Playlist to start you morning! Take two things that don't seem to relate and make it work...Mediation! Prefontal Cortex & Nucleus Accumbens & Amydgdala & Cerebellum Prefontal Cortex: Creation of Expectations
Nucleus Accumbens: Emotional Reactions to Music
Amydgala: Emotional Reactions to Music
Cerebellum: Emotional Reactions to Music Challenges your brain---what you expect isn’t always what you get: Same song same title, different artist can change mood and meaning. Cover artists can do this. Covers are also a way to pay homage to someone…like a cover artists you do your thing but pay tribute to what has come before. www.thecoversproject.com What music does for your brain/for you? How the mind interprets music... http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/advocacy/studentdevelopment.html Name that Tune! We're going to use your personal anthems! Ways to get free music...legally! Grooveshark
Yahoo music
Amazon mp3
TuneIn Radio
playlist.com We have a surprise for you! It's 11PM, do you know where your stereo is? Does you government have one?
Your complex?
Check with your staff, use their iPod! Save Resources! Instead of a DJ, use Pandora or grooveshark Access: How it's Changed Everyone has access instead of a few
No longer linear
Agent Schmagent
Your immediate world is customizeable
A la Carte Local Hangouts / Venues! Rock
Cappy’s Hot Spot Bar & Grill
5560 S. 48th Street
(402) 421-1424
Live bands Friday and Saturday.

Duffy’s Tavern
1412 O Street
(402) 474-3543
Live music Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Comedy Monday.

Duggan’s Pub
440 S. 11th Street
(402) 477-3513
Local rock and blues bands Friday-Saturday; free music on Wednesday.

901 O Street
(402) 476-6865
Local, regional and national bands five to seven nights a week.

Mary’s Place
1920 W. O Street
(402) 434-3335
Hours: 3 p.m.-1 a.m. Wednesday-Saturday
Local bands Friday and Saturday – 70s, 80s, 90s dance music.
Red 9
322 S. 9th Street
(402) 477-7339
Live music Wednesday-Sunday.

Jazz & Blues
MoJava Café
2649 N. 48th Street Suite D
(402) 464-4130
Live jazz, blues and folk music Friday, 8-10 p.m.

Zoo Bar
136 N. 14th Street
(402) 435-8754
Lincoln’s nationally recognized nightspot offers music at least five nights a week; books blues, rock, jazz, reggae and bluegrass artists.
Pla Mor Ballroom
6600 W. O Street
(402) 475-4030
Sunday country dance night anchored by Sandy Creek Band.

Uncle Ron’s
2137 Cornhusker Highway
(402) 474-2332
Live country music Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Big Band
Pla Mor Ballroom
6600 W. O Street
(402) 475-4030
Home base of Bobby Layne Orchestra. Big band every Wednesday. Swing music the first Thursday of the month.
J. R.’s Down Under
3233 ½ S. 13th Street
(402) 423-6264
Variety of live music Friday, Saturday.

935 O Street
(402) 438-7776
Live entertainment Friday, Sidetrack Band Saturday.

Dueling Pianos
Brewsky's Haymarket
201 N. 8th Street
(402) 328-2739
Hed every Thursday-Saturday, seating at 7 p.m., show at 9 p.m.
Concert Venues
Pershing Auditorium

Rococo Theatre

Bourbon Theatre

If you are willing to go 50 miles to Omaha…
These are good websites for you to know:

1percent productions


Quest Center

If you are willing to drive 51 miles to Council Bluffs…

Mid-America Center

If you are willing to go anywhere in Nebraska…

http://hearnebraska.org/ Jazz & Blues
MoJava Café
2649 N. 48th Street Suite D
(402) 464-4130
Live jazz, blues and folk music Friday, 8-10 p.m.

Zoo Bar
136 N. 14th Street
(402) 435-8754
Lincoln’s nationally recognized nightspot offers music at least five nights a week; books blues, rock, jazz, reggae and bluegrass artists. “Musical activity involves nearly every region of the brain that we know about, and nearly every neural subsystem.” “This is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin, p. 84 “...the average American can readily identify more than one thousand different songs” ~The World in Six Songs by Daniel J. Levitin, p. 266
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