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Disease Detectives

No description

Alfiya K.

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Disease Detectives

No one was Pregnant
No childhood illnesses
3/5 all immunizations
No allergies
Patient 4 had heart attack
Patient 1 had abdominal surgery
2/5 had Asthma
Patient 1, smoker
Similar Symptoms
Fingers tingling
Problems with vision
Conclude: Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning
• Patient #5, sexually active- takes birth control pills
• Went to Guatemala and had local food
• Urinary tract infection weakened immune system
• Food Poisoning = (can be) contagious
• As 4/5 patients are all graphic designers, work together

What We Propose
Have two groups of people. One groups will be eating/drinking at own home and the other at work

Garlic-infused olive oil dressing

Relative Risk = 35.21

Evidence Log
Patient 5: Urinalysis
epithelial cells, few calcium oxalate crystal, few red blood cells and some white blood cells
MRIs, normal
Same floor at industrial building
Same organisms present in stool samples
BLAST: Clostridium botulinum
Enviro testing, Shellfish poisoning
Work-well water
Home-public water
Birthday cake
Activity 5.1.1. Disease Detectives
Alfiya K. | Julie O. | Jocelyene J. | Jean A. | Brian C.
Case Study
Cohort Study; Retrospective Case
Food Poisoning
Local Foreign Foods?
Salads at cafeteria at work
Water from soda fountain
Garlic-infused olive oil dressing
Birthday Cake
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