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Marketing Strategies For Attorneys and Paralegals

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Stacy Armijo

on 19 February 2018

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Transcript of Marketing Strategies For Attorneys and Paralegals

Member Marketing Toolkit
Downloading Logos
Use in marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, posters, signage etc.
Marketing collateral: specify yourself, not the firm
Referral Marketing
Media Coverage
Web Presence
Use the the Board Certified logo in your bio
Maintain a clean and professional presence
Make sure your "contact" link works and that the information is up to date
Populate your website with fresh content regularly
Marketing Strategies For Attorneys and Paralegals
By: Stacy Armijo, Executive VP,
Pierpont Communications

Update Your Profile
Used by the public and attorneys in other regions and specialty areas
Mobile Friendly & Buzz Words
Gaining media coverage can contribute to professional credibility
Social Media
Mention Board Certification in your bio
Create your social media channel before someone else does
Pick a strategy and stick with it
Follow your firm's social media policies
E-newsletters can be useful and engaging channels
They help you stay in front of your audience in relevant ways
Practice quality over quantity and consistency over frequency
Earned Media
Paid Print Media
Print advertising can create brand recognition
Consider your local newspaper, business journals, magazines and more
Choose between print and online
Google Ad Words
64.6% of people click on the Google ad at the top of search results
Pay-per-click can also help improve "organic" search results
You only pay when your Google Ad is clicked
Choose your AdWords wisely, being as specific as possible
Speaking Engagements
Speaking engagements can build name recognition and position you as an expert in your specialty
Seek presentation opportunities at industry events and conferences
Participate in civic events, such as boards, committees, charities, etc.
Highlight your Board Certification broadly: Bios, business cards, website, social media etc.
Take advantage of TBLS resources
Avoid the "peanut butter" approach and focus on the few marketing activities and do them well
Congratulations to
all 2017 inductees!

"commercial disputes"
Use keywords in your bio or website to help future clients easily find you when searching online
"unpaid commissions"
"breach of contract"
"commercial lease agreements"
Make sure your website is easily viewed on a smart phone, which contributes to search engine rankings
Build out your profile by referencing specialty areas
Make connections and recommendations
Use of Board Certified logo and head shot
Post news that's relevant and useful
Submit your Board Certification to local papers
Look for opportunities to contribute to industry outlets
Introduce yourself to local legal reporters

Don't forget to use:
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