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Personal Finance Presentation for High School Students

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Ranga Sundaravadivelu

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Personal Finance Presentation for High School Students

-More you give, the more you will receive
- Give your time : its as good as money
- Leave a positive legacy & make the world a better place
Money Tree - A look at Personal Finance
Here is a simple math:
Better Education = Better Pay
- Choose your career wisely
- Balance Work and School
- Beware of getting saddled with Student Loan Debt : Consider community colleges, online degrees

Core - Saving & Investing
- #1 Savings Rule - Pay yourself FIRST
- Investing Mantras - Long term focus and diversification
- Learn about Asset Classes - Bank Savings/CD, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate,Natural Resources, Precious metals

Protect your Assets
- Protect yourself - Health Insurance
- Protect your car - Car Insurance
- Protect your family - Life Insurance
- Protect your home - Home Insurance

Spending & Debt
- Track your expenses, shop smart
- Understand Needs vs Wants
- Recognize Good debt vs Bad debt
- Use Credit Cards wisely

Roots- Foundational Concepts
#1 Secret to get rich/create wealth - Make money work for you
How to make money work for you - Save/Invest for a long time
Time Value of Money - Compounding is your BFF
Assets vs Liabilities
Spending - Needs vs Wants

Consult Money Doctor aka Independent Financial Advisor
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