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Kindergarten Reading Comprehension

Making connections helps children understand text structure, genre, learn new information, and stay engaged.

Kathleen Mackiewicz

on 22 August 2012

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Transcript of Kindergarten Reading Comprehension

Making Connections in Kindergarten Literacy Comprehension Strategy: Making Connections Texts are organized around a specific theme.
Texts revolve around familiar experiences.
Nonprint materials are used to build background information. Porquoi Tales French for why
explains why things happen
describes something in nature
make believe
has a special beginning and end
has a problem and solution
has a fair solution Photographs are printed to show children what the animals/characters in the story look like. Text to self connection: children write about things they might see on a walk. Students will complete sentence and illustrate. Children will write color and object name. I went walking.
What did you see?
I saw a _________________. description is written on chart paper Porquoi tales I find photos of various fish in text to show the actual colors. The children will use coloring pages to color fish, cut out, and create a mural of the sea. Shared Writing Students will fill in the names of animals and fish that are each specific color identified in the three text. The chart will be completed within the whole group setting after each text is read. In the Big Blue Sea I Went Walking How the Birds Got Their Colors green fish duck hummingbird red fish cow cardinal yellow fish dog goldfinch orange fish white fish blue fish blue jay purple fish black fish cat brown horse raccoon
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