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The Man Who Was Poe

No description

Samuel Point Du Jour

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Man Who Was Poe

The Man Who Was Poe
By: Avi
Samuel Point Du Jour

The Setting of the story is in Providence, Rhode Island in 1848. The author sets the mood of the story with a locked room mystery, when Sis is locked in a little room and is soon captured.
Main Characters and their Conflict
It's nighttime. Edmund is all alone with nobody to help him. His mother's gone, his Aunty's gone, and his sister is gone. Until finally a dark and mysterious stranger he runs into decides he will help him discover the true secrets of the disappearance of his family.
- "He was a frail boy, as thin as the
clothes he wore, with light hair and a face both sad and pale. His knees were drawn up and he was hugging them, head down. But all the while he was watching his sister."
The theme of the book is that you should never trust a stranger who secretly uses you for something of his own.

Personal Response
The Main Characters in this story are:
Edmund: An eleven year old boy who is trying to find his sister.

Mr. Dupin: a writer who is trying to help Edmund discover the dark secrets of the disappearance of his family.

Sis: a little girl who was captured by some evil men who have a connection to the disappearance of Sis and Edmund's mom.
The main conflict in this story is when Edmund's Sis is captured .

The resolution in the story is when Edmund finds his sister with the help of a strange man who might even help him discover the mystery about the loss of his mom and Aunty.
The tone in the story is Ironic.
A quote that would exemplify the tone in the story would be: "It was the work of seconds to get the key out, insert it in the keyhole, twist, and throw the door open.
With horror Edmund stared into the
room. Sis was not there."

This quote demonstrates the tone because Edmund thought that his Sis would be home since he locked the door which also made me think that she would be home too. But instead she was not there which made the quote ironic.
But at the same time the stranger who helps Edmund has a mission of his own and needs Edmund also. The questions are: Who are the people who took away his family? Why didn't they take Edmund instead of his sister? Where is his family? And who is the strange man who so willingly helps Edmund discover the truth about his lost family? With the help of the strange man, Edmund soon discovers the dark and scary secrets that lead to the disappearance of his family.......
What the quote is doing is that its describing Edmund and his features which means that its illustrating the character.
What led me to choose this as the theme was when I saw that Mr. Dupin was helping Edmund and also using him for one of his stories that he was working on. But he secretly doesn't tell Edmund about it.
This novel made me feel so engaged to it because it was so suspenseful. The message that I take from this novel is that you should always care for your family even if it means risking your life just to find them, because there is nothing that you can compare to like your good old family.
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