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Washington D.C. By:Tyler W.

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on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Washington D.C. By:Tyler W.

*State bird:Wood Thrush
*Washington Redskins (NFL)
*D.C. United (MLS)
*State Flower:American Beauty Rose
*State tree:Scarlet Oak
*There is no capitol for Washington D.C.
*Nationals (MLB)
*Most of the famous monuments are in D.C.
*It is mostly surrounded by Maryland
*The state song is The Star Spangled Banner
*It holds the Government for the whole U.S.A.! (cool!)
Fun Facts
Washington D.C. By:Tyler W.
*Most of the very important laws are
made in the Capitol

*It is used as the meeting chambers
for the house of representatives

*It was started in 1793

*On August 24,1814, British troops set fire to the building during the war of 1812,but a rainstorm prevented it's total destruction and it was repaired.

political location:
The U.S.A.
*It has the Gettysburg address & the
second inaugural address carved into the stone.
*It is located in the National mall,
a ton of monuments & memorials
in 1 place near the white

*It is #7 on List of America's
favorite Architecture

*The architect was Henry Bacon
Historical location
The Lincoln Memorial
*The highest peak is Mount Michelle at
6,684 ft (2,037m) tall
*It is right next to the Appalachian mountains
*Most of the rocks that form on the mountains are ancient granitic charnockites
*The mountains are 469m (755km) long

Geographic location:
The Blue Ridge Mountains
*The National Mall is one of the most
popular tourist attractions in the U.S.A

*It is where most memorials and monuments are,such as the Lincoln memorial (history!)

*It is very close to the White House

*It is called the national mall because
it is basically a mall of national landmarks
National Mall
*Washington D.C. makes money by:



*The National Mall

*White House tours
Economy of D.C.
1812-The burning of Washington happened

1901-McMillan plan helps restore downtown core area

1950's-The city was racially segregated

1976-The Washington Metro opens
History of D.C.
*Of course, it's where the president lives
*located 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
*built between 1792 and 1800
*The first president to live there was
John Adams
*set ablaze in 1814 by the british army.
Choice Location
The White House

There is no specific government
for D.C. but it does have the government for the entire U.S.A.

*president:Barack Obama

*Vice president: Joe Biden

*Counties/states: 50

*House of representatives
*6.9 sq miles is water
*61.4 sq miles is land
*It is home to a tiny bit
of the Blue Ridge Mts.
*It is surrounded on one side
by Virginia and on three
sides by Maryland.
*it also has a few coastal
plains as well.
*It doesn't have that many famous mountains.

of D.C.
this is a road map of D.C.
it shows the roads & highways in
the area.
this is a physical map of D.C.
It shows the counties & boundaries of a area or territory.
this is an elevation map
of D.C. it shows heights & mountains.
Road trip distance
it's for a historical president
it shows Americas history.
The capitol building to the Lincoln
memorial is 2 miles.
*the Lincoln memorial to the Blue
Ridge Mountains is 476 miles
*the blue ridge mountains to the
national mall is 477 miles
*the national mall to the white
house is 1 mile
*the white house to WCE is 1,652m.
Total road trip distance:2,608m!
This is a population map of D.C. It shows the population in different areas.
This is the state song of WASHINGTON
Thanks for watching
and learning about
Washington D.C.!!!!!

Fun Location#2
The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

*The Museum was completed in 1976
*It is one of the locations in the movie:
Night at the Museum 2.
*It opened in 2003
*It was originally called the National
Air Museum.
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