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English 8

No description

alecsandra harper

on 3 December 2017

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Transcript of English 8

We know that many of the students of our class would like to have Mateus as our speaker at our ceremony....

...so watch out! It may contain spoilers of our future party!
We managed to transform the speech that we selected for this essay into a speech that would tell what we think about our career after the end of this course
Once we found an original video that had the energy and feeling that we want to use, we passed to the creation phase
How we did it
We wanted to do something in order to combine a fun presentation and a meaningful activity for us and our classmates
English 8
Mashup Essay
Alecsandra Harper & Mateus Bonafé
Original video: Stranger Things Cast: Acceptance Speech | 23rd Annual SAG Awards | TNT

Available in: youtube - /watch?v=c996ra7Wqn0

Text parody: Alecsandra Harper & Mateus Bonafé

New voice: Mateus Bonafé

Edition: Alecsandra Harper & Mateus Bonafé
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