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The History, Culture and Cuisine of Italy

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Jordan Youd

on 12 July 2018

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Transcript of The History, Culture and Cuisine of Italy

La Cultura, Storia e la Cucina d'Italia
Gli Azzurri World Cup 06
Hand Gestures
Luciano Pavarotti
Vatican City and Roman Catholicism
Family Dinner
Lamborghini and Ferrari
Italian Fashion
Rome and History
Italian Food
La Dolce Vita
Guiseppe 31,Piera Maretta 30, Maurizio 2, Pietro 9 and Domenico 7
Up to the Fall of Rome
There is no set date for the actual fall of Rome. However, 476 AD is regarded as the last year that the Western Roman Empire can be said to have still existed, though the fall had been coming for quite a while. Between Rome and the city-states of Greece you have the essential foundation of all things western, from law, to philosophy, to religion, to civic arrangement, to architecture, to family structure, and gender relations. In 476 Rome fell and the western world did not recover until at the earliest 1000 AD.
Roman Circus
The Triumphal arch of Julius Caesar
The Pantheon or
Temple of all the Gods
The Middle or Dark Ages
5th to the 14th Century
During the fall of Rome Italy was conquered by the Ostrogoths,

Who were in-turn conquered by the Lombards
Who were in turn conquered by Charlemagne
Whose descendents, the Holy Roman Emperors, battled for control of Italy for the next 1000 years.
Essentially, to understand this period you need to know that it was during the Middle Ages in Italy that the world saw the rise of Rome and the Pope,
and the rise of the Medieval Italian City State,
which funded everything.
Also worth knowing was the rise of powerful families like the Borgias and the Medicis, whose descendents would eventually land up sitting on nearly every throne in Europe, including the Papal one.
Towards the end of the Medieval period Constantinople fell to the Turks. This caused two great upheavals within Italian and eventually Western Civ. First the Black Death killed nearly a third of the Italian population.
and the seeds were sown for the Renaissance.
Early Modern
14-15 C.
Continued rise of the BIG 3 city states; Florence, Venice and Milan. These cities and the wealthy merchant families who ruled them had enough money to sponsor artists and thinkers and to commission works of art, architecture and scientific achievement that are to this day some of the finest that have every been produced in the west.
Leonardo DiVinci
Not only was art, sculpture and architecture revolutionized, so to was the way that the west viewed the world and their place in it. Renaissance thinking gave the impetus to the finding of the New World, to the democratic revolutions of Europe the US and ultimately the internet and the space age.
Unification, Liberal Italy and the Great War
The Handshake of Teano
Played an important role in WWI and the defeat of the Astro-Hungarian Empire. Some 1,240,000 died during WWI.
Fascism and WWII
Il Duce
Benitto Mussolini
Mussolini came to power gradually, and by the mid 1920's had created a dictatorship for himself.
By 1930 was pursuing expansionist policies in North Africa and Eastern Europe, which ultimately led to international censure and withdraw from the League of Nations.
Italy joined with the Axis Powers, Germany and Japan on June 10, 1940.
Sicily is invaded by the Allies in 1943 and by the end of that year Mussolini is reviled, deposed and executed.
Pop = 58,057,477
Pop of Palermo = 686,722
Pop density = 499
Urban pop = 67%
Life Expectancy m/f = 77/83
Fertility rate = 1.2
Caloric intake available per person per day = 3,671
Annual alcohol consumption = 9.7 quarts
GDP = $26,430
Cigarette consumption per person per year = 1901
% of overweight pop m/f = 52/38%
% of obese pop m/f = 12/12%
% of population 20 years and up with diabetes = 20%
Pasta consumption per person per year = 62 lbs.
Meat consumption per year = 199 lbs.
Number of Pizzerias = 40,000+
Percent of "Guaranteed Traditional Specialty" pizzas approved by Agricultural Ministry that are topped with pineapple = 0
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