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Examples of Leadership in the Movie The Lord of the Rings

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Eric Adams

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Examples of Leadership in the Movie The Lord of the Rings

Examples of Leadership in "The Lord of the Rings"
By: Eric Adams and Mutian Fan
Aragorn shows courage and has charisma
Frodo and Sam
He used intimidation to his failure, as the people who you terrorize will eventually turn on you. This is an example of why you should not try to make your followers fear you.
Examples of Leadership in "The Lord of the Rings"

Aragorn shows these leadership traits when he gives his speech at the Black Gate.
The many different Magical Creatures and Animals
The more he tried to control other people with fear, the more the people revolted and turned against him. Eventually he got killed because people hated him.
Frodo shows the leadership qualities of Enthusiasm, Courage, Unselfishness, and Endurance.
Frodo shows all these qualities when he decides to embark on the adventure and when he puts on the one ring to protect him and Sam.
There are two magical creatures that have stuck me as being very good leaders. They show all the qualities of good leadership and have great traits.
Gandalf shows the leadership traits of charisma, fortitude, strength, and kindness.
Treebeard - the Ent
Treebeard shows the qualities of a good leader because he protects people he doesn't even know, and he shelters people of lesser strength. This shows compassion and strength.
Gwaihir shows courage and bravery when he goes and saves Sam and Frodo from Mount Doom.
Gandolf shows compassion towards his friends by protecting them. He also shows strength by fighting the Balrog.
Sam shows the leadership qualities of loyalty and he shows that he has courage and is brave, by standing up to Shelob.
Sam is also called Samwise the Brave, who never gives up hope!
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