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Dark Matter Physics

Dark Matter and its affect on the Universe

Milind Bhatnagar

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Dark Matter Physics

Impacts of Dark Matter if explained

Dark Matter

Theories and Research on Dark Matter
How do we know it's there?
Milind B.
Brenda H.

What is Dark Matter
Dark matter is a type of matter that accounts for the unknown matter of the universe, it is not in the form of planets or stars and can't be seen. Estimates suggest it accounts for 90% of matter in the Universe.
Dark matter doesn't emit or absorb light and any type of electromagnetic radiation.
Scientists know dark matter is there by looking at its effects on visible matter in the universe rather than studying it directly.
Scientists have studeied the motion of galaxies and stars and know that there is something very big that affects them even though it's not visible.
Research on Dark Matter
Galaxy rotation curves
Theories and Research on Dark Matter
Galaxy Rotation curves show influece of dark matter on movement of spiral galaxies.
Scientists now believe that 95% of the matter in the Milky way Galaxy is Dark Matter and this matter doesn't interact with any other matter or energy. it only effects it through gravity and electromagnetic readiation.

MACHO (Massive compact halo object)
Theory that scientists use to explain any type of matter, gravity, or radiation that can not be oberved directly. Macho can be detected in some ways such as if close to a star, the star's brightness increases which explains that there is dark matter there.
If Dark matter can be explained and manipulated for human interest, spaceships can travel at the speed of light or maybe even faster using dark energy to propell the engines.
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