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Classroom Expectations 2012-2013

No description

Michelle Garcia

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Expectations 2012-2013

Welcome to the Delay
Mrs. Garcia's
6th Grade Science Class

A little about me……
Love being a teacher
Love my students
2 boys
Was a harvester too!
Taught at DeLay for 6 years
******Important : Always have these supplies with you!!!!
Don’t ever ask anyone for supplies!!!
You will need:
Composition book
Pencil sharpener ---- VERY IMPORTANT
Red pen
Line up outside door
Come in Quietly!!!
Have supplies
Be seated and working on WARM-UP (otherwise you will be TARDY).
If you are tardy sign the tardy form by the door quietly!!!
Beginning of class!!
No talking - Walk in quietly
Be seated
Have supplies ready
Remember how nicely my cheerleaders did it
Entering the classroom
Class vote
How our classroom is going to work???
What if I don't watch the videos?
What if I can't watch the videos? No internet assess, ect.
What will be do in CLASS??
Any questions???
Ok... So you want to Flip????
I dismiss by
clean tables
No trash in site
Clean, clear tables
No pencils, pens, or colors on the floor
Ending of class
I will dismiss you
the clock!!! If you decide to “pack up” early… then I’ll surprise you by staying late!!
Putting supplies away – I will instruct you when to clean up and putting supplies away.
Usually about
3-4 minutes before dismissal
Science Journals – you will take home
your notebook every night besides
Group work
Audio stories
Middle of class!!!
Volume levels
0. Silent (fire drill)
1. Whisper (library)
2. Inside voice (private conversation)
3.Conversational (with a small group)
4. Presentation (in front of a group)
5. Cheering voice (pep rally)
1. Verbal warning
2. Move Seat
3. Yellow Card - Call home / Detention
4. Red Card - Office referral

Lab Rules
Safety First!

Begin immediately
No talking or No Stamp
ALWAYS have your journal
Forgot your journal?
Time: 2 minutes
Grade: 5 Stamps = 100%

Watching YouTube videos/lectures at Home and reflect
Please talk to me ASAP if you have NO COMPUTER/INTERNET access
What do I do with my homework?
In Journals
Due Friday's
5 Class Room Rules!!
Everything outside of Journal
In tray
Check Websites
Watch Videos
Get with me
Yes, if you know how to chew it properly :)
Potty Time??
Free 100%
I will dismiss class
Clean Tables
No trash
8th period - Trash cans outside/ clean tables
End of Class!!!
Posted Tuesday
During warm-up
Phone call
When I'm speaking to the class/ guest in room
When to be QUIET???
Welcome to Science
Intro Video clip
Middle of Class
Any Questions??!?!?!?!?!
We even go outside :)
Can't Follow Directions = BOOK Work
Bell rings = YOU ARE LATE!!
No Exceptions
Get to Class ON TIME!!!
Tardy = Detention
Teacher Students
"Class" "Yes"

How do I get your attention????
Continue working as normal
Be polite
Show them what you know!!!
Visitors or
Guest in the room:
Power Teaching!!!
Expectations During Activities
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