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By Sarina and Eva

No description

Sarina Tsuruta

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of By Sarina and Eva

What is Children’s Theater?
What kind of story do Children Theater perform?
Their story line is drawn from folk and fairy tales or real life issues, history, literature for children and things that are important for young people.
-Early 1900's the United States, Children's Theatre began to grow as a respectable branch of theatre.
-China and Russia, Theatre For Young Audiences has been respected and integral part of performing arts for those countries, among others.
-Only the best actors and actresses would be allowed to act for children.
- Due primarily to the respect that these countries hold for the minds and intellects of children.

By Sarina and Eva
Example of the story

Boots & His Brothers (a play script based on this folk tale from Norway).

A Caterpillar's Voice (a play script based on this African folk tale).

The Contest of the Fairies (a play script based on this fairytale from France).

What was the advice that he had for other girls interested in making a difference through art?
Jordan Schwartz
Jordan Schwartz
-Founder of Children’s Bilingual Theatre located in Atlanta.
- When he turned 10 in 2003, he founded The Children’s Bilingual Theater (CBT)
- Premiered a show in 2004
- He started with raising $3,000 in donations and getting schools to host the shows, then 17 kids (second grade to college-aged) staged a bilingual play at four schools
-CBT brought community volunteers to help them make the show a reality.
-The project helps Spanish first language speakers to improve their English and Spanish second language speakers to improve their Spanish.
One of the theater located in Hong Kong is "Faust Children's Theater". Faust was formed in 1999 to bring the wonderful world of theatre and started performing arts to the young people of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
Why Children's Theater Matters?
Why Children's Theater Matters?
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