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The Secrets of...

No description

Paul Tyree

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of The Secrets of...

The Secrets of...
The show itself
Gravity Falls is a show about two kids named Mable and Dipper, they visit their "Grunkle" Stan's mystery shack, they think it will be just a boring trip, but, it is not, you can watch the show on "Disney Channel" It isn't on Netflix for all you people who rely on Netflix to be there for you at every show!
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher is a mind demon that can enter a person's subconscious. He can be summoned using an incantation found on his page in book 2 (which you will learn more about later). You can find Bill in almost every episode, it might not actually be him, but it could be a drawing, a reflection, a WINDOW!!! Bill is everywhere, and in the last episode of season one, when Stan goes down, there is a pipe, when you decode it, it says "Bill is watching" meaning, he is watching everybody without anybody realizing
The 3 books tell all the secrets of Gravity Falls, it tells about Bill Cipher, which on the page, says in blood "DO NOT SUMMON!!!"
Books 1,2 and 3
This must mean that
he did something to
the person who wrote these books while writing this
page, this must mean he's serious business... O.O
The Bill Cipher Wheel
The Bill Cipher wheel is a hidden secret in the theme song after showing the title, watch closely at the end
Did you see it? If it was too fast, that's what they
wanted, because it was a secret, the theme song
shows A LOT of secrets, we will get back to those even later, sorry if I say that a lot, but, I can only use
one topic at a time! DON'T RUSH MEH, PLZ!!!
That is the Bill Cipher wheel, in the middle is, the one and hated, Bill Cipher, the ring around him tells about the characters, the ? is Soos, the fish looking thingy is Stan, the tree is Dipper, the star is Gideon, the hand is the book, or writer of the books, the shooting star is Mabel, and the heart with stitches is Robbie V, and there are 3 symbols that might be the theories of other people, the glasses could be Stan's twin and the Llama is Mabel's twin. But I have my own theory for one of them, and that is the last one, the ice bag, is representing Wendy, Dippers crush, why I think this is because of her personality, and a stupid reason, she's always near ice, why I think it's her personality is because she's always cool, like ice, yet that might be stupid too... there is another one I thought of... and that, is the paranormal activity in Gravity Falls itself, why I think this is because the first time we saw ice was in the episode "The Inconveniencing" in the convenience store "Dusk 2 Dawn". It's the material possession of Ma and Pa Duskerton, the now dead owners, so that goes pretty deep, but, it's needs some explaining to make sense...
Look at these symbols closely
In the scene when it shows the woods, you can see, for 1 frame, what I think is Bigfoot, if you didn't see him, well... I TOLD YOU TO CAREFULLY WATCH IT! WE AREN'T SEEING IT AGAIN!!! this doesn't have much explaining... just look at this image:
The Pictures...
In the theme song, you can see pictures of some really familiar faces, you can see Gideon, the time traveler, and don't forget, the gnomes, you already know some facts about Gideon, because he was on the Cipher Wheel, because only important things are on there, the time traveler can be seen in many different episodes, but in the episode "The Time Traveler's Pig" in the ending, it explains why he was in those episodes, and the gnomes are just one of those characters that you're like, "What is happening?" when you see them because they just do whatever they want, in an ending to an episode, all you saw was a gnome puking rainbows... but you can guess that's normal in Gravity Falls...
Soos is a mysterious character of Gravity Falls like just about every character in Gravity Falls, he's got many secrets up his sleeve... in the game "Rumble's Revenge" there is a code "The handyman knows more than you think" and during the preview of Gravity Falls, Soos was named "Handyman" then in one episode, Bill said, "You guys are smart, especially the fat one" then in the episode "The Time Traveler's Pig", Soos knows exactly what will happen in the future... I would've showed you the clip, BUT I CAN'T! but just saying, how does he know what will happen? Maybe it's connected to the first episode where Soos believes Dipper when he talks about paranormal beings...
Stan's Symbol
Stan's symbol on the Bill Cipher Wheel is the fish thingy, but why? See, the symbol, is a theory I believe, it might be a secret group logo in gravity falls, because in the final episode, as Stan has books 1,2, and 3 he says "Finally, we have them all" take notice he said "we" like he was talking about multiple people, could this be the secret society? We will never know... unless the creator tells us... then we'll know...
Before we start, I have to say SPOILER ALERT
This upcoming theory contains a GIANT spoiler
so if you're thinking of watching just skip this : |
Back To The Theme Song
Now, we go back to the theme song, in the intro, near the end, you here a little whisper, take a listen!
It might sound like
it says "I'm still here"
but, what you can
actually find out what
it actually says if you
play it in reverse...
It actually says "three
letters back" which
we use... A LOT!
Hidden Message
In Wheel

In the Bill Cipher wheel picture, you see some text that looks random, but if you use the code 3 letters back, you can use the code and figure out what it says... here's the picture of the message
If you use the code, it actually says,
"Stan is not what he seems" this might
talk about the secret group, and the
ending might be about this
group... or more... watch
What could it mean?
The portal is a big part, what does it do? Where does it bring you? What could it do? We will find out in season 2...

Another question, why would he say, here we go? Did he know what's going to happen? One theory I have, could he be summoning something to get rid of Bill for good?

But, it must take a while because that battle will have to take an entire season...
Bill as goat
Bill Cipher
The End
As you can tell, we have covered all the secrets I know, if I missed some, tell me, but, that's all to this season, can't wait to the next, and just like the show, this is the end... I also put a secret message in the first slide, try to find out the code :D
Gompers the goat
Back to Bill, when I spanned across the picture of the goat, I said that was a theory, why do I think this? Well, let me explain this!
Like I explained who Bill was and what he
does, he's a terrible guy, but, the only
things he can do, is in a person's subconscious,
but, he can't do much physical damage
in the outside world, but, he can control
people, or in this case, an animal, what if...
he is disguised as Gompers just to be in
the physical world without anybody
noticing? Maybe, it's to watch people without
anybody saying anything... In the first episode
Gompers is digging right where the third book
is, and when Dipper wasn't paying attention,
Gompers was trying to take it! Probably so
Dipper doesn't learn about the secrets of Gravity
Also, while the Pines
family was shooting a
humiliating video of
Grunkle Stan, Gompers
tries to take his fez,
does the fez have a
relation to the secret
society of Gravity Falls?
I have a theory, (if there
is a secret society) that the secret society is trying to destroy Bill!
What I think about it...
Gravity Falls, is a show unlike anything we've seen before. Gravity Falls is filled with mystery and secrets for both its characters to solve, and also the audience at home! Secret pasts, hidden messages, mysterious magic, and much, much more and all that mixed together makes Gravity Falls such an unique, amazing, and what has quickly became my favorite animated show currently airing!
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