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No description

Jacob Ledford

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Psych

Carlton Lassiter(Lassie)
Shawn Spencer
Gus is a pharmaceutical salesman. He has been Shawn's best friend since kindergarten. He and Shawn had worked many jobs all over before they started Psych. Gus joined Psych because Shawn managed to forge his name onto the lease. Gus loves his company car, the"Blueberry".
Burton Guster (Gus)
Shawn's Dad was a detective and he taught Shawn to see every detail.

Shawn became the SBPD psychic because one time he was watching the news and he could tell witch suspect committed the crime so he called the police and sent in the tip. They thought he must have been an accomplice but he told them he was psychic.It is illegal to lie to the police so he kept up the act and they belived him.
There is 8 seasons and 121 episodes in Psych.

My favorite episode is called "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels & Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire".
Jules works for the SBPD. She is Lassie's partner. She and Shawn like each other. She likes doing undercover police work and wearing disguises.
Shawn- James Roday

Gus- Dule Hill

Jules- Maggie Lawson

Lassie- Timothy Omundson

Chief Vic- Kirsten Nelson

Henry Spencer- Corbin Bernsen
Main Characters
Carlton Lassiter is the SBPD's Head Detectve. He thinks Shawn's methods are ridiculous.
Shawn introduces Gus with a different name in each episode
There is a hidden pineapple in each episode
Chief Vic
Chief Vic is obviously the chief of the SBPD. In season she has to move to San Francisco.
Buzz is a Junior Detective at the SBPD. He isn't the brightest but he is really kind.
Henry Spencer
Henry Spencer is Shawn's Dad. He was the best detetive at the department before he retired. He took a job at the SBPD again as a liaison between the department and external divisions so he could keep an eye on Shawn.
Juliet O'Hara (Jules)
Minor Characters
Funny Scenes
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