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Costume and Prop Ideas for Photoshoot

No description

Georgia Fielding

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Costume and Prop Ideas for Photoshoot

Costume and Prop Ideas for
Music Magazine Photo shoot

This is a presentation to show my costume and prop ideas for my photo shoot. These initial ideas may change on the day due to the person involved in the photo shoot and what costume and props are available.
Costume and Prop Ideas and Images
The second costume I have chosen to use is a black suit and tie. The suit isn’t a formal suit but it still will be smart with preferably black trousers and blazer. I have also decided for the model to wear trainers/casual shoes instead of formal shoes that would normally be worn with suits at a formal event. I have chosen this because I think casual suits are also on trend this year and it would convey a serious/focused side to the music producer.
Where I will source the outfit from
I will source the first outfit hopefully from the male model. The clothing i have selected is quite basic clothing so I am expecting the chosen model to wear their own clothes or borrow some from a friend. The second outfit I have chosen may be slightly harder to source but I still think it will be possible. I am also hoping the male model to have their own formal suit and trainers. If not I will ask around to see if the outfit can be borrowed off class mates
Pages these outfits/props will be used on
The first outfit the model in my photoshoot will be wearing will be the plain t-shirt and skinny jeans. This outfit will be featured on the double page spread in the main image on the left hand side and in the contents page. I have chosen to do this because the casual outfit will comply better with the profile I am going to write about the record producer. The second outfit will be a suit and tie, this outfit will be featured on the front cover in the main image section. I have chosen to do this because I believe the front cover should show a formal side to the record producer and make him look more presentable
Costume and Prop Ideas and Images
1) The first costume I have planned for my model to wear in the photo shoot is a casual white t-shirt, plain blue/black jeans and trainers. I have also considered them wearing a hat depending on how comfortable they feel. I have chosen this because it is a trendy outfits that men wear and it is simple showing the music producer is more focused on the music side of the industry.
Costume and Prop Ideas for Photoshoot
Meanings and Readings created by the outfits in the magazine
The first outfit I have chosen will definitely convey a casual, stylish look ensuring the male model will look young and on trend. It will read that the model is in his comfort zone and is being himself. This would be an indexical sign for readers to pick up on. The reading will also be that younger readers of my magazine would want to look like him and buy clothes similar to this fashion or girls may show some desire to the person on the front of the magazine if they look nice. It will also show a professional look because the outfit isn't scruffy. The second outfit will convey a formal but casual look. It will show that the music producer has a serious side to him but is also comfortable and confident. This is also an indexical sign. It may also present a side to the person featured that he is acting older and more professional in his job and that he can handle fame instead of being a stereotypical young star who
is going off the rails.
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