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Creating Facebook Campaigns

Simple steps and tips to create campaigns on Facebook.

German Radillo

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Creating Facebook Campaigns

Creating Facebook campaigns 1. What is a Facebook Ad
2. How to create an Ad on Facebook
3. Optimization Actions
4. Reporting
5. Best practices abstract Why we should think about FB? The King Facebook is the number one most-visited destination on the web.

Has a 570 billion page views at month and 540 million users. "1 in 13 people on the world use Facebook" Facebook Ad What it is? They suppose to be relevant and interesting advertisements to you and your friends on Facebook. Where do they appear? Can appear in the right-hand column of pages throughout Facebook, on many types of pages, including Apps, Photos, Groups, Pages, Profiles, and the Home page. How to create and Ad on Facebook? 1 2 Facebook.com/Advertising How to create and Ad on Facebook? From "Ads and Pages", Sponsors and Advertising link you can start creating your Ad. Main Platform At the main platform, you can create Ads for 3 main purposes:

-External URL (traffic off FB)
-Pages (likes and traffic on FB)
-Application (likes and traffic on FB)

We need to follow the 3 easy steps to create a campaign/ad:

1. Design your Ad
2. Target your Ad
3. Campaign, pricing and scheduling Designing an External URL Ad. Elements of an Ad: Title: 25 characters long. *No customizable for Pages and Apps Hidden URL inserted on Title and Image. Destination: Body: 135 characters long. 110x80 pixels. *They optimize the resolution. Image: Social content: Likes from your friends. 1. Select External URL
2. Introduce the title
3. Introduce the image

*You can try the "Suggest an Ad" tool, it's very useful. Designing an Page/App Ad. 1. Select your Page/App
2. Select the type of Ad
3. Select the destination (Tab of your page)

*You can try the "Suggest an Ad" tool, it's very useful. Diferences between Ads & Stories Simple Facebook Ad It's a custom message that advertisers put on facebook to promote a URL, a page, an event or an App. Sponsored stories Ad It's the new way to advertise on FB, more social and angage because are stories that your friends published into your News Feed, sponsored for sure. Vs Targeting your audience 1. Need to add at least one country
2. Introduce Demographic data
3. You can use a super segmentation option with Likes & Interests.

*Get know about your target and numbers with the estimtation tool. *Also you can choose location per city and adds multiple cities. Targeting your audience *You can create exclusive content for advertise to your page likers or exclude them. *Advance demographics helps us to find people on their birthdays, interests, languages and even they work or education. Campaigns, pricing and scheduling Now define your campaign name, your daily or lifetime budget*, the schedule and pricing they'll put it on automatic. -If you want to enter your own bid for CPC or CPM, select Advance mode. Now we just need to wait until FB aprove o deny our ads to go live! Campaigns, pricing and scheduling -Your Ads can get banned thanks the users notifications, so Facebook will tell you something is wrong with it and you need to improve them changing the copy or image and resend it again. Optimization Actions Optimization Actions There are some tips that FB give us to improve and optimize our ads: Bid Competitively Be Relevant Encourage Action Get Visual Think Simple Rinse, Wash, Repeat if you are not receiving as many clicks or impressions as you would like, increase your maximum cost per click or maximum CPM constantly. make sure you are targeting relevant interests, but also think outside the box, find insights they don't tell. Include in the body strong call to action such as "Click Here!" or "Order online today!" Use relevant & beauty images that directly related to the product/service. Make sure your landing page it's easy to navigate, and has clear information. Find what works and what doesn't work and repeat the process. Reporting Facebook allow us to create 4 types of reports: Advertising performance: the most basic report type, best used for campaigns with pure performance objectives, includes statistics like Unique and Total Impressions, Clicks, Actions and Click Through Rate—all in real-time. Responder demographics: Will provide us with valuable information about the types of users who are seeing or taking action on the ads, gender, country, age... This report provides us information about the types of users who see or click on our ads based on interests that they have listed in their personal Facebook profiles, interests, music, movies, books, tv shows... Responder profiles: Conversion by impression time: Show us the number of times people liked your page, event or app within 28 days of clicking on or viewing th ad, they don´t track links off FB. Reporting Once we've retrieved all the report's data, FB recommend us to do the following points: Redefine your audience Because you could uncover certain groups of users who are clicking on your ads more often than others. Reallocating your budge Reports can help you understand which ads are performing well and which can be paused. Look for different ads or groups that have been performing particularly well for you and optimize The data can also be used to test out diferent ad creatives and their performance against one another with different types of users Testing & Creative Best Practices and Guidelines 1. Invest in success Focus on your top performing ads, pause the weak ones. Mix and match different the ads elements: copy, image, and targeting. 2. Split variable test 3. Use dynamic keywords Use words in your ad copy that you also have included in your keyword targeting. Use beauty and eyecatching image to attract your target attention. 6. Choose images wisely 7. Include a call to action Use a clear call to action to give users a reason to click . Give to your uses great deals like promotions and discounts. 8. Use promotion codes 4. Keep your ads fresh 5. Be direct 10. Create multiple ad types. Questions? We can contact the Facebook Sales Team! :D
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