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Salina Bermudez, jackson

No description

Hull Elementary

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Salina Bermudez, jackson

Salina Bermudez, Jackson
When She's Gone!
When Mrs. Erndt leaves her room just isnt the same. No matter how fun the substitute teacher is, they are no where close to like Mrs. Erndt. Like when she reads it cracks me up, but when the substitute reads it is just boring and makes me fall asleep. No one is close to as fun as she is.
Mrs. Erndt is such a crack up. She always makes me laugh at everything. How she reads, how she laughs, how she yells at people. I dont know why but it always makes me laugh. Even her room surprises me, ESPESIALLY on holidays.
Keep It Cool
Mrs.Erndt is so cool!!! Her room is pink!! (AWSOME) Her personality is so pink and fun and awsome!! But, she is always just so cool, smooth, and I love that about her.
Mrs. Erndt is so multi-tasking! She can help me on this paper and then she can talk to the other students to help them and me. She is able to talk to a teacher and help me make a project.
Like A Mom
Time To Get Serious
Mrs.Erndt is fun and understanding but, she does need to get serous with some certain kids. For example, Mrs.Erndt will be in the happiest mood but then that one student will come up to her and tell her an excuse of why they don't have the packet, why they did not finish the paper in time. When that is told Mr.Erndt goes ballistic because they had so much time and was reminded so many times there should be no excuse of why it is not finished.
Mrs. Erndt is so fashinable I love her clothes they always match. I love the scarf she used as a belt so faboo.
More CRAZY Facts
Mrs. Erndt is so crazy fun. She has the best voice at the right time. She loves to do fun activities. she also ROCKS at reading any book.
welcome to my prezi!
More Fun Facts
Mrs. Erndt also has beautiful handwriting that I really wish I had. She is so caring and is respectful and also most of all very understanding.
This is about Mrs. Erndt. She shows a lot of her personality. She also loves the color pink just like me!!
Mrs. Erndt is just like a mom!! If you are feeling sad Mrs.Erndt notices and makes you feel so much better. If you are having trouble she notices and she will walk right over and help you.
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