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Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

No description

Maciek Przezdziecki

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

By Maciek Przezdziecki
Cristiano Ronaldo Lifestyle
Ronaldo doesn't drink alcohol at all because it reminds him of how his dad died. Drinking dosen't effect his performance and he is able to perform better than athletes who do drink alcohol.
Ronaldo doesn't smoke because he is a regular blood donor and needs good healthy blood. This doesn't effect his performance and he is able to perform better than athletes who do smoke. This also raises awareness for young people, that if you don't smoke and drink, you can potentially achieve greatness like Ronaldo. Ronaldo doesn't take any recreational drugs or performance enhancing drugs as he is a fair athlete who doesn't cheat to look good. He is a good role model because he doesn't do anything bad and people want to be like him and are also inspired by his actions. Because he doesn't drink or smoke or take drugs, he has become one of the best footballers ever to grace the game and has become famous all over the world. Because he has become one of the best players ever, he has increased participation because everyone wants to be like Ronaldo and because he doesn't take drugs, smoke or drink and that he has a good diet, he has increased awareness that you can achieved good things like him if you follow his steps. This effected his carrer postively, he is liked by many people and hated by a few, he feels more comfortable on the pitch when playing because fans chant his name all the time. Ronaldo likes to spend his leisure time with his son playing football in his back garden, he likes to go out shopping, spend time with his friends, helps less fortunate people and charities and goes out dating girls since he is single.
Leisure Time and Appropriateness of Activities
Cristiano Ronaldo has a great diet, which leads to him having a great body. His diet includes:
Fruits, whole grains and natural juices for breakfast so that he gets his vitamins and help his digestive system.
For lunch he eats fresh salads, vegetables, chicken and fish to get more vitamins and to get protein to help him maintain or build muscles.
He get his fats from salads which provide carbohydrates rather than eating sugary foods. He eats considerable amounts of protein before training. His proteins enhance his flexibility and agility for a long time during the training time. He make sure his meals have low junk foods as he wants to stay healthy. This effects him in a positive way as he is healthy and it helps him trainer better and play better. He will have more energy than athletes who have a worse diets and this will give him an advantage and will perform better and achieve more.
ristiano Ronaldo goes under-pressure in some cases, but he manages to turn it around and over come it.
He gets pressure of other athletes such as Lionel Messi, who is regarded as one of the best players ever, along side Ronaldo. The world of football circles Messi and Ronaldo as being rivals and always going head to head to score more goals and win trophies. When Messi won four consecutive Ballon d'Ors, Ronaldo upped his game and won the next two Ballon d'Ors.
When Ronaldo made his record breaking transfer move from Manchester United to Real Madrid for £80 million, he was under-pressure from the media to do good at Real Madrid. Ronaldo knew if he did bad in his first season, the media would be on his case until he started doing good. But, he made 35 appearances and scored 33 goals in all competitions, so he showed the media up that he's the best player in the world.
Real Madrid has always been a team full of superstars, and when Ronaldo joined Real Madrid, he had stars like Sergio Ramos, Raul, Kaka, Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuain, Xabi Alonso and Rafael van der Vaart so he had to prove himself to be the best at Real despite all these superstars. However, this also means that all the players are positive role models so he'd become inspired by them.
Ronaldo was under-pressure from his coaches because he was surrounded by superstars and had high expectations, so Ronaldo started an intense training schedule and diet which he stuck to for many season and he become an ultimate athlete with a great body and incredible physic. He has out-shinned his team-mates and his coaches expectations.
Because Ronaldo has be able to overcome many pressure and become one of the best players in the world, more kids have wanted to become like which increases participation all over the world of football. More kids have started acting and playing like him which effected him positvley.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is left-winger but can also play for as a striker. He is regarded as one of the best players of all-time and possibly the best portuguese player ever. He has won three Ballon d'Ors and is the current best player in the world. Ronaldo is best known for his lightning pace, rocket of a shot, incredible technique, bullet headers and magical feet. He is also know for his showbooting, his variaty of different hairstyles and his well built body. He is a very healthy athlete with a good diet and great body to show for it. There are 5 different lifestyle factors that can affect Ronaldo in both positive and negative ways.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Appropriate Rest Periods
Cristiano Ronaldo always rests the next day after a match to let him recover ready for the new week, so that he is full of energy for the training sessions during the week. Whenever the season finishes, Ronaldo goes on holiday to relax for a few weeks and he will not do anything which could cause reversibility, and his fitness would decline and his muslces would become less capable to lift heavy weights. To overcome reversibility, Ronaldo makes sure he doesn't eat to much junk food, drink to much sugary drinks. When he comes back from holiday, Ronaldo gets straight back into his training sessions to retain his previous fitness before the start of the new season. Ronaldo is strict with his rest periods so he dosen't lose his current fitness. Becuase of this, its effected him positivley because he plays every game with the same amount of energy and fitness so that he play well every game, score goals and get assist.
Cristiano Ronaldo earns a whooping £233,000 a week at Real Madrid or 327,000 Euro's a week. So, he earns £33,285 a day, he earns £1,386 an hour, he earns £23 a minute, he earns 0.38p a second. He has many sponsors like Clear Shampoo, RoFa Active, Samsung, Pro Evolution Soccer, Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans, CR7 Underwear & Fashion Line, KFC, Soccerado, Nike, Emirates, Castrol Edge Motor Oil, TAg Heuer Watches, Herbalife Nutritional Supplements, Toyota, Banco Espirito Santo and Facial Fitness Pao. Ronaldo has is own underwear line called CR7. In 2015, Ronaldo made 52 Million Euro's from salaries and 27 Million Euro's from endorsements. His wages and endorsments have effected him in a good way, because he as well as spending his money on himself and family, he helps charities and poorer people when they're in dying need of it. He's very genarous with his money and not greedy like Floyd Mayweather, who has a lot more than Ronaldo however he doesn't help charites etc. So by doing this, Ronaldo has become known as a genrous, nice carrying person.
1. Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his acting on the pitch and he tends to dive a lot when touched. When he was younger, starting at Man United, he dived a lot, he was a drama queen and by doing this he built himself a reputation for diving and everyone hates when he dives so he now has learned to try avoid diving. This impacted his career negatively because fans would get frustrated and annoyed with him diving and made him the most know diver in football. Also, kids who look up to Ronaldo, could start acting like him when they play football and could dive a lot to earn free-kicks and penalties.

2. Ronaldo was warming up for a football match and he was having shooting practise when he accidentally hit a young fan with a shot, so Ronaldo went over to the stands to the fan and gave him his training top and a hug to say sorry for hitting him with a ball. This effected Ronaldo's career positively as he is thoughtful and has also inspired players like Romelu Lukaku of Everton to do the same when he hit a fan with a ball.

3. One time, a family needed money for their sons operation and asked Ronaldo to give them a pair of his signed boots and singed shirt which they would auction and sell to afford the operation. Instead, Ronaldo paid for the kids operation as well as gave them a pair of singed boots and singed shirt for them to keep. Again, it shows that he cares about people who have problems of their own and that Ronaldo is happy to help.
1. Ashley Young made 13 appearances in all competitions in the 2013-14 season, and 7 of them were from the bench, so he only started 6 games in that season. He was second choice left winger to youngster Adnan Januzaj who got more play time under David Moyes. Since then, Young has been a forgotten man. Next season, Young wanted to impress new manager Louis van Gaal by working hard in training and playing well in pre-season. He earned himself a spot in the starting 11 as a left back as Luke Shaw was either injured or on bench. Young impressed as a left back despite never playing there before. When Shaw was fit, Shaw would come in at left back and Young would go to his prefered left winger postion. This showed that Young didn't give up and he earned his place back into the staring 11 by hard work on and off pitch. His strategy was to work hard in training, impress the manager, play well when chosen and lead the team to wins.
2. AC Milan played Pro Partia in a friendly game. After just 26 minutes of the game, Pro Partia fans targeted AC Milan's Kevin Prince Boatang and gave him racial abuse and Boatang reacted very emotinally at the Pro Partia fans by picking up the ball and kicking it at the fans then making his way off the pitch. AC Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini, followed Kevin off the pitch with the whole squad following them off the pitch soon after. The game was then abandonded and many football players around the world such as Vincent Kompany were tweeting about it to raise more awareness about the incindent as well as racism. Other AC Milan player like Urby Emanuelson, Sulley Muntari and M'Baye Niang were also reportadly targeted. Kevin was having non of the raciest chants as they angered and upset him and it was impossible to play in such environment so he walked of the pitch to get his point across. Kevin has been praised for his decison and many people stood by his side to help him out
3. It's was the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and coaches had to choose 23 players to go to Brazil with them. Juventus and Argentina striker Carlos Tevez would be first choice striker for Argentina alongside Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero. However, Tevez already had plans to go to Disney Land with his wife and three kids rather than compete in World Cup, the most prestigues tournament in the world of football. Tevez said his family deserved this trip and he was 100% sure he would go. So Tevez showed that family is the more important than anything else. Despite not having Tevez in their squad, Argentina did very well as they managed to reach the final. However, they lost to Germany 1-0. Despite this contreversy, his international career has not been effected and was selcted for 2 fridendly game against Portugal and Croatia in November 2014 and was also selected for the 2015 Copa America which Argentina lost to Chile in the final. The reason his international career wasn't indangered was because he is an experiance striker and one of Argentina's best players.
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