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4.09 Module Project

By; Kayla Russell

Kayla Russell

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of 4.09 Module Project

London Florence Venice Paris Rome There are a few spots you must see in London before leaving. Buckingham Palace cannot be missed. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of London when you're on the London Eye. Also, you should visit the spectacular Houses of Parliament and the world's most famous clock, The Big Ben. Before leaving Rome, you should see the Pantheon. Built around 120 A.D. the Pantheon is the best preserved of all ancient Roman buildings. The Colosseum is another great site to step into and enjoy the ancient structure. San Clemente is one of the most favorite churches and a true historical treasure in Rome. The top three things to do in Florence is tour the Uffizi Gallery, sight-see in Duomeo Square, and climb either the Duomo's Dome or Giotto's Tower. The Uffzi Gallery has the best collection of Italian paintings on earth! Sightseeing the fabulous looking Duomo's Square is also fascinating. The Duomo's Dome is a lovely view of architecture that you should climb. Visiting St. Mark's Basilica is one of the most interesting but not limited to sites to see in Venice. You should also take the lovely #1 Vaporetto for a Grand Canal Tour that is on the calm Venice Water- buses. Touring the Doge's Palace is also one of the favorite tourist places in Venice. It is actually the second most important attraction in Venice. Established in 1793, The Louvre Museum is one of the oldest museums in Europe that is located in Paris. It is home to the most attracted painting, the Mona Lisa. An iron tower, which is the tallest structure in Paris called the Eiffel Tower is another part of the must see places in Paris. And lastly, the Notre Dame Cathedral is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture ;ocated in the amazing Paris. The historical period called the Renaissance began in
Italy around the year 1350, and for the next three
centuries Renaissance innovations in art, architecture,
science, and religion spread slowly across the European
continent. During the Renaissance, London contributed through leadership, architecture, and literature. London's leader during the renaissance era was Queen Elizabeth 1 . She encouraged England into the Renaissance. William Shakespeare was one of London's greatest Renaissance men who was highly interested in literature such as plays. London was not only part of the Renaissance but also part of the English and Protestant Reformation. Another Renaissance center was Venice, the port city on the Adriatic Sea. Influenced by Byzantine as well as european culture, Venice was known for its artistic achievements. Just as with Florence, Venice was a Republic during the Renaissance. Venice had the economy to support art and artists. The Anglican Reformation was also a big part of Venice. The Counter Reformation movement provided a yet greater impulse for growth. The Protestant Reform and Counter Reformation provided a stronger impulse for urban transformation of Rome. The Renaissance was another influence on Rome. It was greatly honored and used for architecture like the Colosseum. Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance because of the Medici Family. Florence was one of the wealthiest areas in Italy during the Renaissance.Many have emphasized the role played by the Medici family in patronizing and stimulating the arts. Lorenzo de' Medici devoted huge sums to commissioning works from Florence's leading artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Like all the other Italian cities, Florence was also part of the Reformation. Paris had played a small role in the Reformation that had taken place but had played a major part in European Exploration because of its location. The Renaissance in Paris was a cultural revival during the 16th and 17th Centuries. It actually started with the Italian Renaissance, discovered by the French kings while on expeditions to Italy.The French Renaissance was partly born in Paris. It was mainly because of its culture and art.
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