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Bloons Evolution

No description

Stephen Harris

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Bloons Evolution

Path to the City of Monkeys
Addictive Gameplay
Non-Violent Violence
Strong Unique Brand
Hugely Successful on Mobile
Strong Engagement
Good Single Player Game
Good Price Point
BTD5 Expansion?
BTD5 just with updates?
Next Step For the Brand
Persistent City Spanning Many Sessions
BTD Game play layered on
Lots of New Goodies for Old Hands
Careful Step by Step Tutorial for New Players
City of Monkeys
BTD5 has a decent audience
BTD brought millions of players into the TD genre
Could it also bring fresh people into the City Building genre?
If it does do well, will our server technology hold?
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Will It Fly?
Bloons Evolution
Strategy City/Empire Builders
Kingdoms of Camelot
Clash of Clans
Castle Age
Clash of Castles
Kingdoms of Age
Age of Clans
Clash of Kingdoms (Aged Clan Edition)
Castle Dragon Kingdom Conquering Saga
Difficulty curve as city grows
City Level = Tile Difficulty Level
Balance Nightmare
Player vs Player
Do BTD fans want to do PvP?
Real time vs asynchronous
Existing models - offense vs defense
PvP is what makes these games monetise well
Make losing fun, but winning more fun
Allow for players to opt out
TDs are fun because trying, failing, and refining strategy is addictive and satisfying
City Builders are fun because you have that sense of growing something over many sessions
Cross genre successes - Puzzle Quest, Puzzle and Dragons
What is it?
A City Building game where you capture land around your city to then build on an expand.
Each land tile must be won off the bloons in a short action packed game of BTD (based 95% on BTD5 gameplay and rules)
The towers (Monkeys) you have are related to which buildings you have built.
More Land
More Buildings
More Monkeys
More Power
Will it be profitable?
Very few pay to win (at least compared to BTD5)
Using Bloonstones for 'speed ups' and cash refills
Encourage PvP revenge attacks to bounce between friends many times
High level play - desire for good stats
Launched Nov 2012
#2 all apps US chart within 9 hours
2M+ Downloads
$7.5M+ rev
Not Suited for Free to Play
Not Strong Social
Monkey Money Economy is Not Great
How Do We Build This?
Uncertainty in flash game industry
The future of flash?
In a few years time?
Flash developers hedging our bets
Desire to use these exciting technologies
Avoid less fun technologies
Can it be done?
"I increase my price in proportion to my expectation of pleasure"
Pleasure is important for quality
Hybrid Developers
Newer Technologies
Not hardcore server programmers
Java headaches = PAIN
More productive
More pleasurable
Try Something New
Server for game persistence and PvP
Started with in house cloud save system
Similar to system by Mochi Media
Works well for simpler games
One big data chunk problem
Separate transactions
Need custom system
Trade Performance for:
Faster dev time
Ease of use
Feeling Happy :)
Javascript and a NoSQL Database
= NodeJS and Couch DB
Uncharted territory
Right choice?
Will it come back to bite us?
Went smoothly
Working with Javascript meant:
Flexible code
Easy to extend and change
On schedule
Painless development

Will the tech cope?
Simulations so far
NodeJS performs well
Couch DB is the bottleneck
10000 Concurrent Players
200 transactions/sec
Node JS: Joyent XS (512MB RAM, 1CPU, 32 bit)
Couch DB: Cloudant shared cloud
Looking Promising.... ?
Thanks for listening.
Stephen Harris
Lee Grey
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