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NQ Offroad Adventure Park

No description

Jessica Volkers

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of NQ Offroad Adventure Park

Business Overview
The business is a purposefully designed off-road adventure park for the 4WD and camping enthusiasts
Operational Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Untapped niche market for North Queensland
Opportunity to showcase entrepreneur skills and create a family business
Assumptions & Limitations
$299 per month subscription
3 months to implement
3 - 5 office staff members
Why 'customer - facing' CRM?
Boost tourism in North Queensland
The business is located in the outer suburbs of regional coastal city of Townsville
Investor funding of $10,000
Availability of reliable internet access (ADSL2+)
Staff availability - Marketing & Sales experience
Built exclusively for Small Business
Support front-office business processes
Focus on:
- Customer Service & Support
- Sales Force Automation
- Marketing & Campaign Management
All-in-one sales & marketing automation software
Customer facing
application that supports customer service representatives interacting directly with customers
About the business
Why I want to open the business
Off-road adventure park with 4WD, quad bike & motorbike tracks
Marked camping areas with functional amenities block
Stage for live bands & music festivals
Provide 'haven' for adventure seekers and camping enthusiasts
Bring together local communities
Bringing the business into the 21st Century
Invite 4WD Action to film DVD at park = national exposure
Add park to venue list for traveling country musicians/music festivals
Host Nitro Circus Live
Use Social Media to interact with current and potential customer base
Provide 'Wifi Hot Spots' within park
Encourage visitors to use wifi to 'check in' and post updates about the park
NQ Off-Road Adventure Park
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Tourism Chart Image
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Townsville Map
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4WD Action Youtube Video
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4wding Image
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