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Welcome to WBMS

No description

Ashley Bailey

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to WBMS

The Road Ahead
Welcome to BCMS!

You MUST carry an agenda at all times!
You will be provided one agenda when school starts
Agenda replacement fee is $10
Do not loan your agenda to classmates
Agendas are school property and should be treated like a textbook.
Agendas will be collected at the end of the year.
You MUST write you EQs, Important Dates, and homework in your agenda DAILY.
Bear Creek Middle School
Home of the Grizzlies!
you will be on a team of teachers and will change classes within that team
you will have 2 connections classes that you will attend for one semester
you will be assigned 2 new connections for second semester
your locker will be in your home base
you will have locker breaks at the beginning and end of the day.
you will sit with your class at an assigned table
may not
carry bookbags of any kind throughout the school day.
carry small purses only, not large handbags or tote bags.
NO holes in clothing
Knee lengths (the outer garment must be knee length)
shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. must touch the knee
No Sleeveless (boys and girls)
There will be a dress code check each morning in A & E or Home Base.
Dress Code
Electronic devices should not be seen, on, or used in the building
Electronic devices include:
cell phones
mp3 players
Electronic games
Laser pointers
Devices will be collected for 1, 3, 5, or 10 days.
Parents must pick up the device in the front office.
Electronic Devices
No food allowed in the classroom unless the teacher has given permission
Only clear water in clear, plastic bottles is allowed
Gum is NOT allowed in the building
Food, Drinks, Gum
Students must pass 4 out of the 5 subjects to be promoted to the next grade.
Subjects include
Language Arts
Social Studies
Promotional Guidelines
What is PBIS?
school-wide positive reward system to create a safer and more effective school
Why are we using PBIS?
To improve student achievement and teach appropriate behaviors
Who is involved in PBIS and where do we use it?
ALL students and ALL staff and in ALL settings
What's in PBIS for you?
be honest
no cheating
no copying others work
stay true to what you say and keep your word
For TRUE Bullpups, the "T" means you are...
respect yourself
respect others
respect other people’s property
follow every teacher’s rules and procedures
Treat all members of the BULLPUP family with respect
administration, teachers, custodians, cafeteria ladies, bus drivers, and fellow students
For TRUE Bullpups, the “R” means you are ….
understand and follow your teacher's procedures and policies
understand and follow your school's procedures and policies
understand, accept, and tolerate each person's differences
understand classroom rules and procedures and follow them daily
understand the classroom behavior plan
understand the expectations of the silent transition
For TRUE Bullpups, the “U” means you are ….
Engaged in Learning
be prepared for each class every day, mentally and physically
bring pencil, paper, agenda, binders, homework, and books to class daily
Be a good listener
Actively participate in learning every day, in every class
For TRUE Bullpups, the “E” means you are ….
follow behavioral expectations!

Failure to do so may result in silent lunch, isolation in another classroom, detention, or loss of other privileges.
TRUE Bullpups will...
Rewards occur at every:
1 week
3 weeks
6 weeks
You earn rewards by receiving no office referrals.
This could be changing, but will be similar to this.
Reward System
We hope you choose to be a "TRUE" Bullpup!
Everyday you get to decide!
We look forward to an awesome year!
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