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What is a refugee?

Ramon Iñiguez

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Refugee

A refugee is someone who has been forced to move from their home or country because of economic reasons, war or even disasters. Most of the refugees have experienced racism, lots of discrimination because of their religion or ethnic group. Or simpily because there are in the the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of the refugee camps don't have enough food or clothes for people, even though charities try to give food and money it's not enough and many poor people die. In this presentation we're going to talk about how and where refugee camps are and the harsh reality about what these people go through in these camps. WHAT IS A REFUGEE Refuge Children Refugee Lifestyle Refugees in Syria What is 7th Grade doing to help Almost 7 million children in the world are refugees. Most of these children spend there whole lives in these refugee camps. Hundreds of babies are born in these refugee camps malnourished meaning they did not have enough food when they were in their mums stomach. Most of the children in refugee suffer from diseases such as malaria, Refugees don't have enough money build enough houses or even tents, as they have to spend money that people and charity give them for food, medicines... Most of the camps are in places that are at war or are realy poor like Africa. These countries don't have enough money to buy food for everyone and most of the people even though they are "safe" die because of hunger. Refugee people would go to their country if they could ,but they don't have enough money or aren't even allowed. THANKS FOR WATCHING There is a massive conflict in Syria right now. Which has left 700,000 people homeless, dead and without shelter or food. This was created by the civil war, which no one knows when it's going to stop. Some of the Refugees have fled to Turkey where temperatures in the camps are sub zero and the Refugees don't have enough supplies to survive and most of them are dying from hypothermia. Syrian refugees in Turkey As we said in the previous slides, some of the refugees have fled to Turkey where temperatures are below zero and most of them are not warm enough or aren't protected enough. Every night the medics fear people will die because of the temperatures or get sick enough that they will have to transport them to hospital. Refugees in the camps are in desperate need of warm clothes, blankets, shoes and other basic items. Once people become sick it is very difficult for them to recover as there are minimal medical facilities and very little medication is available. The conditions of sanitation are poor. Many children are suffering from pneumonea. This week 7A (the best homeroom in the world) and 7B have been working together to donate clothes, blankets and shoes to Syrian Refuges in camps in Turkey . We are doing this Prezi to make you aware of how they live and so that you know if you want to help you can ; by donating clothes, footwear and blankets. Boxes for donations are in Miss Sophia, Mr Hani and Mr Roman's rooms.
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