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chemistry of fireworks

No description

jaszquayla allen

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of chemistry of fireworks

what exactly is a firework ?
Firework is a machine that has a fiery that burns with colored flames at a low rate. It can be used to light up areas or send signals.
What are the components of black powder? What are the ratios of these components?
Components of black powder include charcoal, nitrate sulfate, and sulfur. The ratio of these components are 75:15:10 (potassium nitrate, charcoal powder, sulfur and charcoal.
What are the component parts of modern fireworks? What does each part do?
The component parts of modern fireworks are paper, oxidizers, metals, fuels / reducing agents all wrapped up in some cardboard and paper.

What types of elements are responsible for the colors of fireworks
The colors that appear in fireworks are due to the presence of different metal compounds.
Lithium compounds appear red, calcium appears orange, sodium appears yellow, barium appears green, barium appears blue, and potassium appears violet
who where the first european to master fireworks?
Dec 13, 2007 - Moldovan sailor Jonesku Trincianu who was a crew member of Marco Polo
The first Europeans to master fireworks is believed to be the Italians.The black powder that is used in fireworks is made from sulfur, carbon, and potassium
What type of simple chemical reaction occurs in fireworks
Fireworks explode by the processes of oxidation and reduction, also known as the redox reaction. Nitrates, perchlorates and chlorates are used as oxiders.

where and when were the fireworks invented?
fire works was invented in china 7th century. And that's where they first began to use them .
What three processes cause fireworks to emit light?
The three processes that cause fireworks to emit light are
atomic discharge
molecular discharge
Jaszquayla Allen :)
chemistry of fireworks
Chemical reaction firework color chart !!!!
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